Shaping device for manufacturing profiled semifinished products, plant comprising such a shaping device, and method for manufacturing profiled semifinished products

Shaping device for manufacturing profiled semifinished products, plant comprising such a shaping device, and method for manufacturing profiled semifinished products

  • CN 101,959,673 B
  • Filed: 02/27/2009
  • Issued: 02/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/27/2008
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1. a kind of fiber composite material manufacturing abnormal shape drying fiber material and preimpregnation material for the semi-finished product (2) by being made up ofMaterial (FVW) process of semi-finished, described semi-finished product (2) are moved through building mortion (1) along its longitudinal direction (L),●

  • wherein said building mortion is the fibrous composite that a kind of semi-finished product (2) for making plane are configured to abnormal shape(FVW) building mortion (1) of semi-finished product, has:

    Following tool piece (11) with the first profiled surface (11a) and with towards described first profiled surface (11a)Tool piece (12) above second profiled surface (12a), described profiled surface forms and is used for making described semi-finished product along feeding sideTo the passed through pultrusion passage (10) of (V) movement, the institute transverse to described semi-finished product of wherein said profiled surface (11a, 12a)State the profile of the cross section that direction of feed (V) extends, from the profile in the input area (E) of described building mortion (1)(KE) continuously become the profile (KA) in the output area (A) turning to positioned at described building mortion (1) so that being moved through describedThe described semi-finished product of building mortion (1) can be converted into the regulation type in described output area (A) from the first transverse section of section materialMaterial cross section;

    Wherein said tool piece (12) above is divided into the first tool piece part setting gradually along direction of feed, the second workTool part part and the 3rd tool piece part, first, second, and third tool piece part is respectively provided with first, second, and third heatingDevice, wherein sees along direction of feed, and first heater is arranged in described input area (E) introduce region (51) below,And the 3rd heater is arranged in the hardening region (53) of described output area (A), and secondary heating mechanism is in deformationIt is located at first and the 3rd between heater, wherein in described introduce region (51), described semi-finished product pass through in region (52)Described first heater is preheated and is under deformable mecystasis;

    Wherein said building mortion (1) also has control and adjusting means, and described control and adjusting means have for adjustingState the manipulation device of heater, and with the described heater being arranged in described introduce region (51) and be arranged onConnect the temperature sensor functionality for receiving temperature value in described introduce region (51), and control and tune describedIt is provided with the functional module with the regulatory function for adjusting the temperature in described introduce region (51), described control in regulating deviceSystem and rated temperature based on described temperature value and in described input area for the adjusting means, measure and are used for sending described heating toThe control signal of device, and send it to this heater, to adjust the temperature in described introduce region (51), withAndWherein, it is respectively arranged with temperature sensor in described deformed region and described hardening region, described temperature sensor and instituteState control and adjusting means connects, and described control and the functional module of adjusting means has described second and the 3rd heatingTemperature adjustment on device and manipulation,● and

    wherein in the process,Described semi-finished product (2) on film carrier along the longitudinal direction (L) of building mortion (1), in the mutual face of tool piece (11a, 12a)To shaped profile between be moved through, the shaped profile of the cross section of described tool piece (11a, 12a) is from described input areaCross-sectional profiles consecutive variations in domain are the shaped profile in described output area;

    The supporting member in the described introduce region of described building mortion (2) is wherein made to be vibrated so that due at describedThe frictional heat producing between bearing member and described semi-finished product, described semi-finished product are in deformable state, in deformed region, describedSemi-finished product reach deformation temperature and in hardening region, and described semi-finished product reach hardening temperature,And wherein according to the movement velocity of semi-finished product (2) described in the temperature adjustment of described semi-finished product (2).

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