Automatic doffing roving frame

Automatic doffing roving frame

  • CN 101,962,835 B
  • Filed: 08/05/2010
  • Issued: 08/29/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/05/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. automatic doffing Speed frames are characterised in that it comprises:

  • One down rail moving-out device;

    It comprises at least two be used for the holding down rail shift out the holder hand, respectively shift out the holder hand and be provided with and move the cover and the axis of guide that shifts out that is positioned at its below, mobile cover comprises linear bearing;

    Linear bearing with shift out the axis of guide and be connected, mobile cover is provided with and shifts out tooth bar;

    One laterally is applied in the headstock support of Speed frames and the power transmission shaft between the tailstock support;

    Power transmission shaft is positioned at the below of shifting out the axis of guide;

    Power transmission shaft is provided with the above-mentioned identical and position of tooth bar quantity of shifting out and shifts out travelling gear one to one, and its corresponding of engaged transmission shifts out tooth bar from the below respectively to shift out travelling gear;

    One down rail lowering or hoisting gear, it comprises the power transmission shaft of an extending transversely, power transmission shaft is provided with at least two up-down travelling gears;

    Comprise at least two lifter racks, the corresponding lifter rack of up-down travelling gear engaged transmission with it, all be connected with on each root lifter rack one be used for the holding down rail up-down holder hand;

    Comprise up-down lead identical with above-mentioned lifter rack quantity and corresponding one by one layout;

    Each lifter rack is provided with the back directive wheel of lateral arrangement towards the guiding facade of up-down lead, and each lifter rack contacts through a lateral column face retention wire of the back directive wheel up-down lead corresponding with it;

    One doffs and Intubaction device;

    It comprises platform lifting mechanism and hoistable platform, and platform lifting mechanism comprises the lift drive shaft of lifting decelerator, a lateral arrangement, and lifting decelerator is connected with lift drive shaft;

    Lift drive shaft is provided with at least two lifting wheels;

    The corresponding suspender belt of each lifting wheel, each suspender belt are wound on its corresponding lifting wheel, suspender belt through the transition wheel that is positioned at the top after;

    Extend laterally to the idle wheel in the place ahead, the downward folding of pile warp idle wheel is stretched and is hung on hoistable platform then;

    Hoistable platform comprises the revolution steel band that is positioned at the platform bottom surface and drives the rotating rotary reducer of steel band, and the lift spindle that is used for the handling flyer bobbin is suspended on the revolution steel band, and hoistable platform cooperates with the platform guide upright post through the platform directive wheel and positions.

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