Method for artificially breeding mass Carpoglyphus lactis

Method for artificially breeding mass Carpoglyphus lactis

  • CN 101,965,822 A
  • Filed: 10/29/2010
  • Published: 02/09/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/29/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the method for an artificial mass rearing hesperidium mite (Carpoglyphus lactis), it is characterized in that under the environment of 15~

  • 35 ℃

    of temperature, relative moisture 65~

    95%, the method of utilizing sugar 1%~

    50%, yeast 1%~

    50%, raising medium 0~

    50% and water 0~

    35% raising hesperidium mite specifically may further comprise the steps;

    1) getting the raw materials ready of hesperidium mite breeding feed;

    sugar is selected from glucose, cane suger, beet sugar or white granulated sugar, yeast is selected from brewer'"'"'s yeast, fodder yeast, dried yeast or eats female raw cook, raise medium and be selected from wheat bran, vermiculite, perlite, rice bran, wheat bran, wood chip or crops straw crushed material, wet concentration is from running water, cold water or mineral water;

    2) processing of hesperidium mite breeding feed;

    sugar and yeast are handled through deinsectization, raise medium and handle through autoclave sterilization;

    3) preparation and the processing of raising container;

    raise the high 5~

    25cm of container, material is plastics, wooden, glass or irony, raise that container can seal fully, there is seal cover the upper end, ventilation mouth arranged on the seal cover, ventilation mouth is raised container through the deinsectization sterilization treatment with the gauze that can effectively stop the hesperidium mite to escape, cloth or paper sealing before using;

    4) raising method of hesperidium mite;

    raise in the container with directly joining behind the abundant mixing of breeding feed, or water, yeast, medium are added in first sugaring more successively in raising container, breeding feed thickness be raise container high 1/5~

    4/5, preferred 3~

    8cm, insert the hesperidium mite again after inserting breeding feed, initially access amount of hesperidium mite 〉

    =1/ml, can add the raising of hesperidium mite or hesperidium mite weekly expects in the raising container, raised 10~

    40 days, hesperidium acarid mouth density 〉

    =100/ml promptly can be used for preying on the raising of mite or continues to expand numerous raising.

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