For making lasting method, stamping tool and the stamping tool annex connecting of workpiece

For making lasting method, stamping tool and the stamping tool annex connecting of workpiece

  • CN 101,977,735 B
  • Filed: 01/30/2009
  • Issued: 05/25/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/19/2008
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1. make the lasting method connecting of workpiece, described workpiece is to lead from drinking water apparatusThe workpiece in territory or firing equipment field, described method realizes by a kind of stamping tool, described inStamping tool comprises:

  • -two tilting members (4), each tilting member has respectively punching press jaw (10);

    And-at least one rotating shaft (6), described tilting member (4) is hinged on described rotationOn axle;

    -wherein, the in-profile of punching press jaw (10) positioned opposite to each other forms and holdsRegion (12);

    And-wherein, described in-profile has at least one with respect to housing region axle (20)The sliding surface (22) tilting;

    And-wherein, described at least one sliding surface (22) is formed as the part conical surface,Described method is transformed into along axle at least partly by the power that makes radially inwardly to moveThe stamping press extending to direction, thus between workpiece to be punched, produce relatively in the axial directionMotion, comprising;

    -wherein, make radially inwardly operation of stamping tool;

    -wherein, make at least one be arranged on stamping tool, tilt with respect to workpiece spindleSliding surface and surface of the work be in contact with one another;

    -wherein, make the stamping press radially inwardly producing be delivered to described work from described sliding surfaceOn part surface, and this stamping press is transferred on axial direction at least partly;

    -wherein on the in-profile of stamping tool, also thering is jut, this jut is relativeBe arranged on the opposite side of in-profile of punching press jaw in sliding surface, this jut clip is livedWorkpiece to be punched, do not form with sliding surface the part contacting,-wherein, make described and sliding surface or the direct acting workpiece of lug boss at axial directionUpper generation move toward one another and be subject to punching press.

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