Information processor, information processing method and program

Information processor, information processing method and program

  • CN 102,004,604 B
  • Filed: 08/26/2010
  • Issued: 09/12/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/02/2009
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1. a kind of information processor, including:

  • Display part, its have display surface and can on the display surface display information;

    Touch pad, it has contact surface and operation instrument is contacted in the contact surface position can be detected as contact positionPut;

    Pressure value test section, it detects pressure value, and the pressure value is connecing between the operation instrument and the contact surfaceContact application is added on the size of the pressure of the contact surface;

    Control unit is handled, it will be by the operation instrument according to the change of the pressure value detected by the pressure value test sectionMultiple operations that the touch pad is carried out are distinguished as with no touch drag operation and touch and drag operation, and thereby specifies firstProcessing or second processing are the processing to be performed;

    First processing unit, it is performed at first when the processing control unit specifies described first to be processed as the processing to be performedReason;

    Second processing portion, it is performed at second when it is the processing to be performed that the processing control unit, which specifies the second processing,Reason;

    Pressure value monitoring portion, it monitors the pressure value detected by the pressure value test section with reference to lapse of time;

    AndTest section is pulled, it, which is detected, pulls, i.e., the operation that described operation instrument is moved while being contacted with the contact surface, andAnd also detect it is described towing start at the time of as towing start time,Wherein, when the towing test section detects the towing, the pressure value monitoring portion terminates to by the pressure valueThe monitoring of the pressure value of test section detection, the processing control unit is using the pressure value of the towing start time with being dragged than describedThe variable quantity being used in the scheduled time of pressure value at the time of draging early scheduled time start time, and the processingControl unit distinguishes the no touch drag operation and the touch and drag operation according to the variable quantity, and thereby specifies instituteThe first processing or the second processing are stated as the processing to be performed.

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