Sentence component manufacture method and mother tongue are read foreign language and generate world's literary composition method

Sentence component manufacture method and mother tongue are read foreign language and generate world's literary composition method

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  • Filed: 09/28/2008
  • Issued: 09/21/2016
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1. sentence component manufacture method, it is characterised in that utilize the language material of the bilingual of identical content or multilingual words version to makeFor sample, utilize the mode of man-machine interaction to carry out sentence pattern, the anatomy comparison of two aspects in sentence cabin, show that words, sentence are expressed the meaning and be able toReciprocity and unified sentence component is also stored in data base, and sentence component is defined as follows:

  • 1. sentence pattern component 201,301, it is the Basic architecture of sentence, represents sentence basic meaning of one'"'"'s words generic, also determine sentenceThe precedence in the contained sentence cabin of son and number;

    2. cabin die component 202,401, it is the Basic architecture in complex sentence cabin, represents a cabin basic meaning of one'"'"'s words generic, also determineThe precedence of cabin eye contained by such cabin and number;

    3. sense-group string component 501,503, are the components served as by sense-group string, are used for filling simple sentence cabin 203~

    204 or cabin eyeThe component of 205~

    207, simple sentence cabin is upper and lower concept and as size with cabin eye, is all to be less than in addition to function word of not expressing the meaningThree sense-group strings;

    The least idiom component 601, by not enough or be difficult to separate sentence pattern, sentence cabin sentence as little idiom component, they are classesDo not separate the special sentence in sentence pattern, sentence cabin;

    Sentence is in natural language, and the elementary cell expressing the complete meaning of one'"'"'s words is referred to as sentence;

    The sentence of different language word canTo express the identical meaning of one'"'"'s words, sentence is divided into sentence pattern, sentence cabin two parts, and a sentence pattern is including at least a sentence cabin;

    Sentence pattern comes from the abstract of a class sentence, the most stable in sentence, embodies the basic meaning of one'"'"'s words of sentence and generic;

    Constituting shouldClass sentence Basic architecture part claims sentence pattern;

    Those the most replaceable parts that sentence cabin is embedded on this Basic architecture of sentence pattern are referred to as sentence cabin, and sentence cabin connectsSelection and restriction by sentence pattern;

    Sentence cabin is filled with sense-group string or replaces, and forms colourful, concrete sentence;

    Simple sentence cabin is except claiming simple sentence cabin, English " a an the more than the sentence cabin of three sense-group strings outside function word of not expressing the meaningIn on to and " ignore when not expressing the meaning;

    Complex sentence cabin is more than simple sentence cabin, and the sentence cabin containing cabin mould claims complex sentence cabin;

    Sense-group sense-group is it equity " anticipated " and unification of the word of natural language, word, phrase or phrase;

    Sense-group string sense-group corresponding expression in spoken and written languages claims sense-group text strings, is called for short sense-group string;

    Sense-group string divide single string,String two kinds again;

    Comprise only an original word string for single string;

    It is made up of two or more original word strings, and with " _ " be connectedFor multiple string;

    Method comprises the steps;

    S1. utilizing the language material of the bilingual of identical content or multilingual words version as sample, every polling A, B are bilingual as oneSample pair, wherein alphabetic writing or the language of comparison distributed in A language, and B language is distributed to alphabetic writing or distributes to express the meaningWord and the language being newly added;

    S2. sentence pattern aspect dissects comparison, reads bilingual sample sentence right, marks off sentence pattern, sentence cabin, sentence pattern is deposited as sentence pattern componentEntering sentence pattern storehouse, using being not enough to separate sentence pattern, the little idiom in sentence cabin is stored in idiom storehouse as little idiom component;

    S3. sentence cabin storey face dissects comparison, having marked off the sample sentence example pair in sentence pattern, sentence cabin, takes out sentence cabin content successively, entersOne step marks off cabin mould, cabin eye, and cabin mould is stored in mould storehouse, cabin as cabin die component, the cabin eye alignd through sense-group or simple sentenceThe content in cabin is stored in sense-group string storehouse for unit as sense-group string component using sense-group string;

    Process all sentence cabins, continued next doubleLanguage sample sentence to process, continue execution step S2;

    In described step S1, every polling A, B are bilingual as a sample pair, particularly as follows;

    the A language of the first round bilingual sample pair is EnglishLiterary composition, B language is Chinese, and taking turns beginning newspeak centering from second must the first have been carried out dissecting comparison;

    Each language material sample taken turns should arrive greatly newly-increased sentence pattern/sentence example to consider to increase new languages than <

    1% rear, carries out time one and take turnsDissect comparison;

    From second take turns comparison from the beginning of, in advance in sentence pattern storehouse, mould storehouse, cabin, sense-group string storehouse and idiom storehouse increase a corresponding new literary composition respectivelyThis class A of geometric unitA field planted;

    According to sample language material industry source or range of application origin marking, whereby divide sentence pattern storehouse, mould storehouse, cabin, sense-group string storehouse,Idiom storehouse is several corresponding point storehouses, and these point of storehouse, for corresponding industry or specific versions, is additionally provided with support website;

    Step S2 farther includes following steps;

    S21. a bilingual sample sentence is read in right;

    S22. call and join sentence pattern subprogram lookup sentence pattern storehouse return A, B language coupling sentence pattern, if not, do not mate sentence pattern, perform stepRapid S23, if, have coupling sentence pattern to perform step S26;

    S23. by current bilingual sample sentence to as a example by make new sentence pattern, flick a window, above walk crosswise display A statement, under walk crosswise aobviousShow B statement, walk crosswise down display again and dig a cabin, deposit two order buttons of sentence pattern, and point out expert to click on the sentence to be dug of A, B language example sentenceThe head and the tail point in cabin, digs a cabin enumerator N=0;

    S24. when receive dig a cabin order button clicked after, N=N+1, check the most clicked two points of A, B language andThe two point is the most effective, if invalid, points out recast, if clicking on correct and effective, between A, B statement 2Holding and cut out and insert " [N] ", this is taken turns and digs a cabin and terminate, and next round repeats step S24 and digs next sentence cabin again;

    S25. deposit that sentence pattern order button is clicked and N 1 when receiving, represent that digging a cabin makes a new sentence pattern end of operation, clearlyExcept step S23, the display of S24, two new sentence patterns are respectively written into sentence pattern storehouse A sentence type, B sentence type-word as sentence pattern componentSection, deposits that sentence pattern order button is clicked but N=0 if received, represent current bilingual sample sentence to be not enough to separate sentence pattern,Sentence cabin and be judged as little idiom, remove step S23, the display of S24, two little idioms are respectively written into as little idiom componentIdiom storehouse A literary composition idiom, B literary composition idiom field;

    S26. current matching sentence pattern inserted in current bilingual sample example sentence with sitting in the right seat or insert current new work sentence pattern, asMarked off sentence pattern, the sample sentence example S3 step standby to deposit in sentence cabin reads, then performs step S21;

    Described step S3 farther includes following steps;

    S31. a sample sentence example pair having marked off sentence pattern, sentence cabin deposited by S26 step is read in;

    S32. take a cabin, take out successively marked off sentence pattern, sentence cabin sample sentence example to a central sentence cabin, windowing oneTop display A, B language sample sentence example, display A, B language current sentence cabin, bottom content;

    Meanwhile, current for A language sentence cabin for unit cutting and is inserted reference table A language field with word string successively, then take out one successivelyWord string searches the A literary composition string field in sense-group string storehouse, takes out the B literary composition string field content with record, if this B literary composition string content exists after findingB language current sentence contains in cabin, and B literary composition string content is inserted reference table B language field, and it is empty for not containing and allowing it;

    If the A literary composition string field in sense-group string storehouse has identical record, the corresponding reference table record that also many A language fields have weight is standbyChoosing, finishs whole reference table, and windowing two shows reference table, group compound word order button and can organize compound word operation indicating;

    Accept expert click on reference table and made to indicate by a record attribute field;

    When group, compound word order button is clicked and reference table has and records clicked continuously, will have the A of mark record in reference tableLanguage field contents with " _ " be connected to form compound word, and there being mark record to be merged into a record, A language field inserts this compound word, BLanguage field is filled in the word string of the equal meaning of one'"'"'s words;

    S33. judge whether simple sentence cabin, current sentence cabin, if being carried out step S37, if not, further inquiry mould storehouse, cabin judge to work asWhether front sentence cabin contains cabin mould, if not, performs step S34 without cabin mould, if, this contained cabin mould is as when front deck mould and check the numberIt is inserted in current sentence cabin content with taking a seat, performs step S36;

    S34. windowing three as can editor, current bilingual sentence cabin content is shown again, accepts expert and compile based on thisWrite cabin mould, also display and deposit cabin mould order button;

    S35. clicked when depositing cabin mould order button, and can be edited by editor, newly organized cabin mould also complies with formRequirement, is stored in A literary composition cabin, mould storehouse, cabin mould, B literary composition cabin mould field as cabin die component, meanwhile, by current sentence cabin using newly organized A, B language cabin mouldContent is inserted when front deck mould with sitting in the right seat, or insert newly organized cabin mould as having marked off cabin mould, the complex sentence cabin of cabin eye showsShow;

    Taking out the content of a cabin eye the most successively, continue execution step S37;

    S37. sense-group alignment, shows that under second window reference table alignment determines that order button, reference table accept expert by realityExample extends or the supplement meaning of a word, do not change add and subtract string length on the premise of original word word, adhesive tape attaches word, morphological change supplement wordThe amendment of senses of a dictionary entry sense-group alignment, or preferably record;

    S38. determine that order button is clicked when alignment, represent the word string sense-group alignment of A, B language, Cheng Yi the most in reference tableGroup'"'"'s string, then by A literary composition string or B literary composition string field A, B language field contents being stored in recording sense-group string storehouse as sense-group string component;

    If S39. current operation is cabin eye, and current sentence cabin also has cabin eye not operate, and performs step S36 until finishingAll cabins eye in current sentence cabin, then judge currently to have marked off sentence pattern, sentence cabin sample sentence example centering the most untreatedSentence cabin, be, perform step S32 continue with a cabin, no, whole sentence cabins are disposed, perform step S31, carry out next roundOperation.

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