A kind of health care vinegar beverage and brewage process thereof

A kind of health care vinegar beverage and brewage process thereof

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  • Filed: 09/28/2010
  • Issued: 01/13/2016
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1. a brewage process for health care vinegar beverage, is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • (1) Feedstock treating;

    1) by millet 25-30 part, Chinese sorghum 25-30 part, sweet potato 35-40 part is pulverized, and be also added with potato 25-35 part, potato is pulverized in the lump, is crushed to particle diameter at 1.5-2.5mm, and described number is weight portion;

    2) by glossy ganoderma 15-20 part, fleece-flower root 15-20 part, ginseng 15-20 part, fruit of Chinese wolfberry 10-15 part, almond 10-15 part, red date 15-25 part and garlic 10-15 part grinding flour, also add peach kernel;

    10-15 part, lily;

    10-15 part, Radix Glycyrrhizae;

    25-35 part, ginger;

    10-15 part, dried orange peel;

    10-15 part, hawthorn;

    10-15 part, peppermint;

    25-35 part, grinding flour in the lump, described number is weight portion;

    (2) add water material moistening;

    1) millet, Chinese sorghum, the mixed steaming of sweet potato, interpolation potato, mixed steaming in the lump, add water normal pressure steaming, and the mixing ratio of raw material and water is 1;

    2-4, profit water time 25-35 minute;

    2) glossy ganoderma of pulverizing above-mentioned, the fleece-flower root, ginseng, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, almond, red date, garlic mix with water, add mixing with water in the lump of one or more compositions in peach kernel, lily, Radix Glycyrrhizae, ginger, dried orange peel, hawthorn, peppermint, powder water compares;


    2-4, after appropriateness is soaked, stir into powder slurry, fineness requirement is by 50 mesh sieves;

    (3) normal pressure steaming;

    1) above-mentioned all raw materials are all mixed pressure decatizing, in the raw material of profit water abundance, the ratio requirement by 100;

    25-35 adds rice husk, and mixes;

    2) steaming;

    full gas steams 0.5-1h, stewing 0.8-1.2h;

    (4) size mixing;

    (4) size mixing;

    1) agitator starts, and powder is starched solution and is adjusted to PH6.2-6.4;

    2) calcium chloride of powder slurry material quantity 0.2-1.0 ‰

    is added;

    3) add high temperature resistant bacterium a-amylase, consumption is 5-6U/g raw material;

    4) supplementing pigment slurry starch concentration is 20-32%;

    5) autoclaving gelatinization enzyme-added liquefaction again, the consumption of enzyme is 5-6U/g raw material;

    6) heat up liquefaction;

    product temperature 85-90 DEG C, keeps 10-30min;

    7) saccharification is proceeded to after 8-12min is boiled in intensification;

    (5) saccharification;

    select wheat bran or diastase as saccharifying agent, according to raw material and selected saccharifying agent determination use amount, saccharifying agent consumption is 110-130U/g raw material;

    (6) alcoholic unstrained spirits;

    cook in material the former of cooling, admix saccharifying agent, saccharifying agent consumption is 110-130U/g raw material, inoculation alcoholic fermentation active dry yeast, consumption is 0.5g/kg raw material, supplements and adds water, containing 55-65% moisture, mix and make lean state distiller'"'"'s wort;

    (7) alcoholic fermentation;

    1) wine unstrained spirits enters pond, and moisture is at 55%-65%, and temperature is at 24-28 DEG C;

    2) pond is sealed;

    distiller'"'"'s wort enters pond second day, stirs 1 time, then covered plastic film;

    3) seal pond fermentation;

    wine unstrained spirits fermentation 3-5 days, every day stirs 1-2 time, elimination unstrained spirits lid, and period regulates the room temperature 20-30 DEG C;

    4) open pond and survey wine;

    The fermentation of wine unstrained spirits expires, and opens pond and stirs 1 time, and sampling is surveyed acid and surveyed wine, alcohol quality 3.8-4.2%;

    (8) acetic acid bacteria;

    the vinegar unstrained spirits selecting active fermentation to produce acid is used for spice vinegar as acetic acid bacteria strain, and acetic acid bacteria inoculum concentration is 1-5%;

    (9) unstrained spirits processed enters pond;

    fill up rice husk by the proportioning of 100;

    25-35, and inoculation acetic acid bacteria strain wine with dregs or hot vinegar wine with dregs, stir and make vinegar unstrained spirits, enter pond temperature between 30-36 DEG C;

    (10) acetic fermentation;

    1) the acetic fermentation stage, regulate the room temperature 25-30 DEG C, controls product temperature 39-44 DEG C;

    Every day, original position turned over unstrained spirits or displacement is lost money instead of making money 1-2 time, or with motor from above the juice of bottom is extracted out and is sprayed at, and every day 2-4 time is sprayed in circulation;

    Vinegar unstrained spirits is loosened, homogenate, heat radiation, absorb air;

    2) survey acid and survey wine;

    in acetic fermentation process, periodic inspection vinegar unstrained spirits juice total acid content and ethanol content;

    (11) salt adding after-ripening;

    after fermentation in 14-30 days, near less than 36 DEG C of product temperature, vinegar unstrained spirits total acid is not in rising, and residual wine degree is less than 0.5%, can judge to close on fermentation ends;

    Add 1.5-2% salt to vinegar unstrained spirits, mix thoroughly and stop fermentation;

    3-5 days placed by capping plastic sheeting, treats its composition fermenting-ripening;

    (12) leaching is drenched;

    1) drenching false bottom surface, pond wants seam tight, and mat formation smooth, the false end wants compacting to fix;

    2) unstrained spirits material enters to drench;

    3) pouring vinegar is soaked;

    adopt circulation three to drench method, leaching pouring three times;

    (13) vinegar sterilizing;

    according to appointed condition determination sterilization time and temperature;

    (14) enter finished product to fill with;

    (15) clarify;

    after finished product heat sterilization, leave standstill clarification 5-7 days, or essence filter;

    (16) check;

    through the vinegar of heat sterilization, judgement of testing;

    (17) pack;

    after the vinegar packaging be up to the standards, sampling inspection again, can dispatch from the factory after qualified.

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