The processing method of handled object

The processing method of handled object

  • CN 102,013,397 B
  • Filed: 09/08/2010
  • Issued: 07/26/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/08/2009
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1. a kind of processing method of handled object is relatively configured first electrode in process container and supports handled objectSecond electrode, Xiang Suoshu process container is interior to supply processing gas, is applied between the first electrode and the second electrodeRF power, and the plasma of the processing gas is generated between the first electrode and the second electrode, to by instituteThe handled object for stating second electrode bearing implements corona treatment, and the processing method of the handled object is characterized in that:

  • The handled object has silicon-containing film, the organic film being formed on the silicon-containing film and the light being formed on the organic filmResist layer is caused,The processing method of the handled object includes;

    First step uses the processing gas for containing hydrogen as the processing gas, while it is straight to apply first to the first electrodeNegative voltage is flowed, side uses the photoresist layer as exposure mask, carries out using the plasma containing hydrogen to the organic filmEtching, the etching on the way, on one side make the photoresist layer harden while be etched;

    The second step, after the first step, while applying the second negative DC voltage to the first electrode, lateral dominance is with containingHydrogen, carbon, fluorine and argon plasma, harden the photoresist layer hardened in the first step further;

    WithThe third step, it is described photic anti-using what is be further hardened in the second step after the second stepOxidant layer is lost as exposure mask, and the silicon-containing film under the organic film is etched,The first step, the second step and the third step are carried out continuously in same process container,The first electrode is made of the material containing silicon.

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