Touch induction water outlet mechanism and control method thereof

Touch induction water outlet mechanism and control method thereof

  • CN 102,023,648 A
  • Filed: 11/18/2010
  • Published: 04/20/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/18/2010
  • Status: Active Application
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1. touch sensible discharge mechanism, it comprises:

  • The water route;

    Operating mechanism, it connects the water route and it can be by action control water route;

    Inductive component, it can be converted into induced signal with user'"'"'s operation;

    AndController, its signal connect inductive component, and can produce corresponding control signal after receiving induced signal, its signal attended operation mechanism, and carry out corresponding actions by control signal control operation mechanism;

    It is characterized in that;

    Described inductive component comprises button part, telefault and the treatment circuit of metal material, described button part and telefault are provided with at interval, described treatment circuit electricity connects telefault, described controller signals connection processing circuit, wherein;

    described button is operated by the user partly, and deformation can take place, described deformation energy changes the magnetic coupling interaction between button part and the telefault, and described treatment circuit detects the magnetic coupling variation and produce corresponding induced signal when detecting variation.

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