Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system

Vehicle park assist system and method for parking a vehicle using such system

  • CN 102,030,039 A
  • Filed: 09/29/2010
  • Published: 04/27/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/07/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind is used for the method for vehicle parking at the target point station comprised following steps:

  • (a) provide the vehicle of the parking assistance system that has sensor-based system and be operably connected to sensor-based system, sensor-based system comprises at least one provides sensor from incoming signal to parking assistance system;

    (b) utilize the sensor scan approaching object to determine whether to exist the target parking position that can be used for parking cars;

    (c) thus utilize the computing machine of parking assistance system to determine whether to exist sufficiently long long narrow passage so that vehicle parking is docked at target parking position betwixt, and the track route of the calculating on definite guided vehicle target approach parking stall, parking assistance system is independently determined target parking position and the track route that leads to the calculating of target parking position under the situation of any interaction that does not have chaufeur;

    (d) start shut-down operation, wherein vehicle begins to be directed in the target parking position by parking assistance system;

    (e) be right after step (d), by the inactive parking assistance system of chaufeur/passenger'"'"'s operation;

    (f) in step (e), in the inactive parking assistance system, store the parking information of determining by parking assistance system in the top step (c);

    With(g) be right after step (f), parking assistance system request driver command is to continue the shut-down operation of beginning in the step (d) again, wherein, if chaufeur is selected to continue shut-down operation again, parking assistance system utilizes stored parking information guided vehicle target approach parking stall.

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