Natural food-therapeutic antitussive apophlegmatic asthma-reducing and lung-nourishing rehabilitation functional beverage

Natural food-therapeutic antitussive apophlegmatic asthma-reducing and lung-nourishing rehabilitation functional beverage

  • CN 102,067,993 A
  • Filed: 11/10/2010
  • Published: 05/25/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/10/2010
  • Status: Active Application
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1. preamble:

  • subject name of the present invention is;

    natural food therapeutic and cough relieving eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma is supported lung recovery function drink;

    The present invention is that State Intellectual Property Office licensed to the applicant Gao Si on July 5th, 2006, the patent No. is " ZL03113933.7 " " health food " patent of invention, in technology upgrading replacement research work further investigation process, expansion excavates the brand-new patent application of deriving out, the object of the invention provides a big class, comprises the sub-product of many differences to the whole society, has the foster lung recovery function drink of popular natural dietotherapy that lung, conditioning repair function are supported in dietotherapy;

    On January 25th, 2008 State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hold [preventiveing treatment of disease] conference in fishing platform, Beijing, the meeting decision;

    " implement [preventiveing treatment of disease] healthy engineering from 2008 in the whole nation, the performance traditional Chinese medical science is in the effect of prevention, health care, health, rehabilitation field ";

    The present invention responds this call of country exactly, use the dietary therapy of Chinese medicine quicken to eliminate the phlegm discharge various harmful flue dust, and health food nourishes hair tonic, damaged tissues rehabilitation principle is repaired in growth, the modern beverage of intensification utilization, confectionery industry staple commodities, wide area, high efficiency, low cost, more convenient, be whole society'"'"'s service, benefited masses'"'"' face can be very extensive;

    Target of the present invention does not feel like oneself at person'"'"'s windpipe, bronchus, lung tissue, throat;

    show as the tracheae itch, foreign body sensation is arranged, cough, have phlegm, asthma, long-term smoker, having dietotherapy supports lung, nourishing and health preserving, replenishes lung and the needed special defects nutriment of tracheae, impaired mucous membrane tissue in the respiratory apparatus is repaired in conditioning, quicken emission and metabolic waste, have the popular drink with function of dietotherapy, nourishment maintenance effect;

    Recover to improve human body self systemic immune response systemic-function, the inside of human body active factor is transferred in conditioning, tackle serious environmental pollution external condition day by day, in human respiratory, cause harmful smokeshade of invading to discharge fast, the undermined mucodermis cell of respiratory tract quickens to repair, physique in environment, perhaps be applicable to by the ambient air contamination victim, autonomous or involuntary smoker, dust and volatility chemical solvent environment contactee, respiratory tract once was equipped with class pathogenic microorganism infection disease, and just heal after all types of pneumotherapies, recover the convalescent back patient that recovers and enter, support lung as dietotherapy, nourishing and health preserving, the conditioning rehabilitation, the drink with function of popular daily need;

    The present invention had both contained Chinese nation'"'"'s non-material cultural heritage among the people and motherland'"'"'s medical tradition, have again the modern life science technology content, the natural food therapeutic and cough relieving eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma of traditional Chinese medical science modernization supports lung recovery function drink, the sub-product of series of the present invention can be used as companion'"'"'s beverage of smoker;


    for realizing above-mentioned target setting, the present invention consumes the energy of time work more than 1 year, consult a large amount of reference books, it is traditional in existing thousand one-hundred-year histories of China to look over the careful screening of nothing left;

    among the people generally acknowledge the function raw material in the drinkable plant, through tradition confirm that the natural traditional Chinese medicine that security is good and the Ministry of Public Health determine to announce be food be again list, and the material list that uses as new resource for food of Ministry of Public Health'"'"'s approval of medicineFeature of the present invention is;

    from wherein selecting 12 kinds of raw material of recommending to use meticulously, heavy curative effect is more taken into account taste and is inexpensively easily obtained, their title among the people, use amount, botanical term, the Chinese medicine meridian distribution of property and flavor, function cures mainly, modern pharmacology and clinical research, concise and to the point apportion is as follows;

    pinecone ※

    (is the pinaceae plant masson pine for 15~

    30 parts, Chinese pine, the cone of pinus yunnanensis, in recent years develop this 3 loose edible health, sweet-bitter flavor lung channel warm in nature, expectorant cough suppressant and anti-asthmatic, control chronic bronchitis, modern clinical research;

    decoction treatment chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis is efficient to reach 92.7%), skin ↓


    80 parts (be the rosaceous plant white pear ancient times to the bright pears of bright pears, sand pear, the fruit and the pericarp of 20~

    30 kinds of pears such as Ussurian pear, the kind of being used as medicine now is many more than ancient times, the sweet little acid of fruity, the skin sweet-puckery flavor, lung channel all cool in nature, the fruit clearing lung and eliminating phlegm, fire falls in the skin moistening lung, all control the xeropulmonary cough), shaddock ped ※

    (is the pericarp of Citrus paradisi Macfadyen for 6~

    12 parts, acrid-sweet flavor bitterness temperature lung channel, regulate the flow of vital energy in wide, reduce phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, it is uncomfortable in chest to control the obstruction of the circulation of vital energy, cough and breathe heavily, it is the raw material of famous lung section'"'"'s Chinese medicine " Huazhou dried tangerine peel ", contained citrene, australene, tangerine polysaccharide eliminates the phlegm, antitussive effect), reed rhizome stem ↓


    40 part (are rhizome and the tender stem of grass reed, slightly sweet flavor lung channel cold in nature, the root heat-clearing, tender stem removing heat from the lung to relieve cough apocenosis, all control the cough with lung heat, the lung carbuncle pyemesis, pharmacology;

    extract a kind of polysaccharide in the reed rhizome, in spleen and lymphocyte transformation, show immunologic enhancement), peanut shell ★

    (is the pericarp of legume peanut for 20~

    40 parts, lightly seasoned adstringency is flat, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, step-down, control the cough and asthma blood-stained sputum, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, water decoction has obviously hypotensive, effect for reducing blood fat, there is the expansion parteriole to improve microcirculation, decoction safety), stalactite ↑


    15 part (are the thinner cylindric tubulose part in stalactitic aggregate lower end of carbonate calcite family mineral calcite, principal component is calcium carbonate CaCO3, Ministry of Public Health'"'"'s approval is used for new resource for food, the sweet lung channel warm in nature of distinguishing the flavor of, the temperature lung, sharp key, controlling cold asthma due to excessive phlegm coughs, consumptive disease asthma), fresh ginger ↑


    12 part (are the fresh rhizome of zingiber, the hot lung channel warm in nature of distinguishing the flavor of, expelling cold and relieving exterior syndrome, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, control anemofrigid cold, phlegm and retained fluid is breathed with cough, pharmacology;

    calmness, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-various pathogens and hepatitis B, cough-relieving, reducing blood lipid, excited maincenter, short activity in vivo thing discharges), waxgourd seed ↓


    15 part (are the seed of cucurbitaceous plant wax gourd, the sweet cold nature lung channel of distinguishing the flavor of, clearing lung and eliminating phlegm, the carbuncle that disappears apocenosis, dampness removing, control phlegm-heat cough, lung carbuncle, acute appendicitis, leukorrhea, oedema, pharmacology;

    immunologic enhancement is arranged, strengthen body immunity, trypsase there is inhibitory action), 3~

    8 parts (be the fruit of the Schisandraceae plant fruit of Chinese magnoliavine or schisandra chinensis, the acid temperature lung channel of distinguishing the flavor of is restrained beneficial gas to the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine ↑

    , controlling chronic cough void breathes heavily, pharmacology;

    volatile oil has Antitussive and Expectorant Effect and strengthens the bronchial epithelial cell function, antibiotic, short metabolism, increase organism adaptation power and stimulate phylactic power defensive power), alertris spicata (is the root and the herb of liliaceous plant alertris spicata and short handle alertris spicata for 10~

    30 parts, the Zhejiang wild leek that cries among the people, the record of ancient books herbal for Relief of Famines can be done edible wild herbs, the flat lung channel of little sweetness and bitterness of distinguishing the flavor of, the clearing heat and moistening lung cough-relieving, control cough, noise made in coughing or vomiting blood, pertussis, pant, lung carbuncle), the seasoning that self has an efficient functional of Dan Xuanyi group is specially expected, the seasoning of following unified abbreviation is specially expected, look area cost in season, other raw material is to the compatibility requirement in the single sub-product prescription, just before giving birth seasoning mouthfeel, dispose 1~

    2 kind of selection as required by producing the technician, title, consumption, nature and flavor, function is as follows;

    Radix Glycyrrhizae ☆

    (is a glycyrrhizic legume for 3~

    10 parts, glycyrrhiza glabra, the root and rhizome of account fruit Radix Glycyrrhizae, the flat lung channel of the sweet property of distinguishing the flavor of moistens the lung and relieve the cough, it is swollen to control the cough and asthma pharynx, pharmacology;



    extract of licorice root all has Antitussive and Expectorant Effect, and short bronchus secretion makes the easy expectoration of phlegm, and is antiviral antibiotic) Momordica grosvenori ↓

    (is the fruit of cucurbitaceous plant Momordica grosvenori for 15~

    30 parts, the sweet lung channel cool in nature of distinguishing the flavor of, removing heat from the lung and relieving sorethroat, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, control the lung heat phlegm-fire cough, sphagitis, pharmacology;

    the percentage that improves the acid α

    of peripheral blood-acetic acid bitter edible plant esterase positive lymphocyte, can strengthen cell immune function of human body), the common trait that the concrete sub-product of lung recovery function drink is supported in each natural dietotherapy is;

    all by selecting compatibility to form in above 12 kinds of raw materials;

    The comment declaration of the extraordinary letter symbol term of Chu Xianing herein;

    1. do not add under the situation of special instruction, every kind of raw material all is to use dry product, the consumption that marks also is the consumption of dry product;

    If when need using fresh feed, should add " aquatic foods " word especially before its standard name and indicated, and the use amount that marks should double than dry product;

    2. what and use amount thereof of every kind of raw material usage quantity can float the scope that changes, all represent with weight portion, abbreviate as " part ";

    3. all raw materials that contains volatile ingredient, should not decoct extraction for a long time with high temperature, needs use the distillation collecting method to extract, perhaps adopt fresh raw material, get juice, get juice concentrates extraction again with decompression low-temperature boiling method raw material by mechanical strong force squeezing method earlier, add the ※

    symbol without exception in this raw material standard title back and indicate clear and definite especially;

    All volatile materials are the main curative effect compositions of vegetable drug, without exception with the ※

    symbology that increases the weight of;

    4. all genus China folk life is continued to use a lot of years, the edible wild herbs of general Mining food during as famine through the masses in history, prove safe and harmless, formation folk tradition custom, generally acknowledge safe plants function raw material edible or that drink in processing diet product, it is clear and definite that its standard name uses the Song typeface of overstriking to indicate without exception;

    Aforementioned already by historical tradition among the people confirmed repeatedly security, diet with edibility on the same classification plant of plant material abandon not quite sometimes, the remainder of same safety, and the Ministry of Public Health determine to announce be food be again the raw material list of medicine, with the material list that Ministry of Public Health approval is used as new resource for food, meet the raw material standard title of these 3 kinds of situations, use Song typeface to indicate clear and definite without exception without overstriking;

    The regular script word is all used in general narration in the literary composition, and to show difference, the statement font-weight highlights important vocabulary emphatically;

    5. all flavors are sweet to be processed into the raw material that the drink mouthfeel is good, liked by children, adds the ☆

    symbology without exception clearly for selecting materials reference behind material name;

    6. by the good medicinal material of pharmacology test proof security;

    the dry product decoction is irritated stomach LD50 〉

    =60g/kg, or dry product extract abdomen annotates LD50 〉

    =36g/kg, and add ★

    without exception to indicate security especially good in the material name back;

    7. add in the cold back of bulk drug ↓

    , add in the warm back of the property of medicine ↑

    , represent that this property of medicine matter is cold or heat is strong slightly, need during compatibility with reference to, make each sub-product fever and chills character whole machine balancing, so that can adapt to the physical condition needs of various different people.

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