Method for quickly deploying in virtualization environment

Method for quickly deploying in virtualization environment

  • CN 102,088,367 A
  • Filed: 12/10/2010
  • Published: 06/08/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/10/2010
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1. quick deployment method under the virtualized environment is characterized in that may further comprise the steps:

  • (1) mirror image copies of the operating system of reservation free time in physical server;

    (2) resource scheduling system finds the management server of available resource, and virtual server is opened essential system information send to this management server, this management server is according to the system information that obtains and the kind of operating system, select the initialization script and create configuration file, compact disc image files with configuration file and the establishment of initialization script is put into designated directory then, and management server is mapped to this compact disc image files in the device space of node server by the service mechanism nbd of network block equipment by supervising the network;

    (3) management server sends instruction by the system virtual machine to node server and creates virtual machine, the virtual disk that turns to virtual server of mirror image copies of described operating system with customization, the equipment simulating that nbd is mapped to node server is the CD-ROM drive of virtual server, initiates the virtual server enabled instruction simultaneously;

    (4) after virtual server starts, at first starting the startup shell script of seeking the create name on the CD-ROM drive in the script in system customization, is that the parameter operation starts script with the configuration file on the CD-ROM drive then;

    (5) meanwhile, resource scheduling system is encrypted the user name password according to the PKI that the user provides, ciphertext after the encryption is submitted to the foreground user from service platform, and the user is decrypted ciphertext by existing private key, uses then to obtain cleartext information by decryption information and login.

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