Unmanned rail electric vehicle and sky-train system

Unmanned rail electric vehicle and sky-train system

  • CN 102,107,662 A
  • Filed: 12/25/2009
  • Published: 06/29/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/25/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. The present invention relates to a kind of highway traffic system, relate in particular to the highway traffic system of a kind of driverless railway electric car and day iron system.Its feature is by constituting with the lower part:

  • 1. driverless railway electric car.It is characterized in that;

    rear-end impact water bumper (1) is characterized in that by the safety valve of impact head, the overvoltage action of the hydraulic actuating cylinder with hydraulic cushion district and collision expansion link, band cushion, advances, oil return pipe and hydraulic oil forms, and it is installed on the headstock crossbeam;

    Wheel (2) is characterized in that it does not have the wheel rim back-up ring, is the planar rondure wheel of being made by iron and steel, usefulness that is used for specially going up a slope respectively is housed, less than the gear or the sprocket wheel of drive wheel diameter in the inboard of two drive wheels;

    Steering hardware;

    it is characterized in that it does not have bearing circle, the direction of travelling is to be decided by main wheel flutter (5) and secondary wheel flutter (6) on crashproof vertically-guided road surface (3) and outer guiding road surface (4) and the rail electric car, wheel flutter is installed on the U-shaped guiding knee (7) at two ends, the front vehicle wheel left and right sides by buffer level, be 90 degree with wheel, horizontal rolling, before, each one of back, the core of U-shaped guiding knee (7), be installed in rail electric car front vehicle wheel steering column jacket mechanism (8) on, on the axle sleeve of lower end, the knee that is installed on the steering column jacket of lower end still keeps, intermediate rod (9) still is installed to be done to turn to usefulness synchronously between the left and right wheels, each front vehicle wheel adopts two main wheel flutters (5) and two secondary wheel flutters (6), secondary wheel flutter (6) is for the ease of protruding upward, external diameter is less than main wheel flutter (5), and be installed in one heart main wheel flutter above;

    Back vehicle body protection;

    it is characterized in that on rear wheel support (10), being provided with vehicle body protection gear wheel (11);

    Rail electric car current collection drags system;

    it is characterized in that dragging platform (12) by two antifriction-bearing boxs that be arranged in parallel (13) by current collection, be installed on the roof antifriction-bearing box bearing (14), two are installed in parallel in current collection and drag the rolling bearing pedestal (15) on the platform to be used for installing electronic screw component shell (16), left side U phase current collection drags connector bushing (17) to be fixed on the electronic screw component shell (16), W phase current collection drags connector bushing (18) also to be installed on the shell (16) of electronic screw component by movable double rolling bearing seat (19), electronic screw component is by electronic screw mandrel (20), spline housing (21) is formed, and with right U mutually current collection drag spline axle head (23) on the flexible guide rod (22) and inside screw (24) to form dynamic telescopic right U phase current collection to drag connector bushing (25), U, W phase trolley head is installed in current collection respectively by insulation rod and drags in the connector bushing;

    Rail electric car power supply;

    it is characterized in that adopting low pressure three-phase three-wire system source of AC, U, W drag access by current collection, and V owing to be that ground connection connects light rail, therefore inserts by wheel mutually;

    Rail electric car power;

    it is characterized in that adopting three-phase wound-rotor asynchronous starting non-salient pole synchronous motor or three-phase wound-rotor asynchronous motor to make to drive power, the heavy load rapid soft start runner device is done step-down and is improved cranking power factor and the control of running power factor;

    Rail electric car autonomous cruise speed system;

    it is characterized in that disposing on the car interior computer system of car and connected infrared remote receiver, license number infrared transmitter, radar range unit, GPRS receives, projector, the IC-card card reader;

    Rail electric car automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter;

    the shelves that it is characterized in that going up a slope are provided with the anti-retrogression ratchet.

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