Oprating mechanism of an auxiliary trip unit for modular circuit breaker

Oprating mechanism of an auxiliary trip unit for modular circuit breaker

  • CN 1,021,168 C
  • Filed: 03/03/1989
  • Issued: 06/09/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/04/1988
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , the auxiliary trip unit (10) of a band mold insulation shell (12), it can be connected with a multipole circuit breaker in the side and be coupled;

  • Multipole circuit breaker comprises pair of separable contact and a switching mechanism that interrelates with pyromagnetic main tripgear at least;

    The shell (12) of auxiliary unit (10) holds an operating mechanism (14), and it comprises;

    Tripping lever (30) by tripping relay (18) control with actuating coil and tripping operation cap (50);

    Cap by relay (18) (50) passes to trip signal on the mechanical trip connecting rod (19) of the switching mechanism of breaker unit, to cooperate with above-mentioned relay (18) coil, makes circuit breaker trip;

    A hook (32) that is installed between a handle (16) and the plate (24), this plate (24) pivotally are installed on first stationary spindle (26) that carries between position and the unloading position;

    An energy-stored spring (60), when tripping lever (30) separated hook (32), it shifted plate (24) onto unloading position;

    And the automatic involution lever in the centre of a relay (18) (44) since the action of plate (24) it move to unloading position, this lever (44) is hinged on second stationary spindle (46) of shell (12);

    It is characterized by;

    Plate (24) is supporting the 3rd hinge axle (28) of the short column (20) and the tripping lever (30) of mechanical trip connecting rod (19);

    Tripping lever (30) comprises that one makes it second arm that with the tripping operation cap (50) of relay (18) separate with one by being installed in the involution lever (44) that freely rotates on second axle (46) with the first arm that matches of hook (32).

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