Advertisement distribution system, advertisement distribution device, and advertisement distribution method

Advertisement distribution system, advertisement distribution device, and advertisement distribution method

  • CN 102,124,480 A
  • Filed: 07/31/2009
  • Published: 07/13/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/28/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. advertisement transfer system, it has the user terminal apparatus that can be connected on the network, advertising database and the Advertisement Server that login has a plurality of advertising messages, this Advertisement Server will send user terminal apparatus to by network from the advertising message that described advertising database extracts, this advertisement transfer system is characterised in that to have:

  • The User Information Database of storage user'"'"'s user profile, predetermined information database, login that described user'"'"'s tourism predetermined information and the foundation of this user profile are stored accordingly have the tourist resources database of a plurality of tourist resources information and the tourism support server that can freely extract tourist resources information from this tourist resources databaseWherein, this tourism support server has;

    tourist resources information extraction mechanism, it is from the position corresponding described tourist resources information of described tourist resources database extraction with the user, this tourist resources information extraction mechanism is based on the positional information that comprises in this tourist resources information and extracts, and described user'"'"'s position is meant position that determine according to the travelling schedule that contains in the tourism predetermined information of storing in the described predetermined information database, regulation user constantly;

    Embed URL and generate mechanism, generate to have embedded and pass on the URL of the customer identification information that contains in function and the described user profile, this passes on function and can transfer to the webpage URL that contains in the tourist resources information that is extracted by described tourist resources information extraction mechanism;

    First Email generates mechanism, generates first Email with linking functions, can be linked to by described embedding URL by this linking functions to generate on the embedding URL of mechanism'"'"'s generation;

    And first e-mail transfer mechanism, will generate first E-mail conveyance that mechanism generates by described first Email and give user terminal apparatus,Described Advertisement Server has;

    the user determines mechanism, and when the selected operation of linking functions of first Email that sends user terminal apparatus to, this user determines that mechanism can extract described customer identification information and determine the user from described embedding URL;

    Advertising message extracts mechanism, and it extracts from described advertising database and offer the advertising message of determining the user that mechanism determines by described user based on selecteed tourist resources information;

    Second Email generates mechanism, generates to have comprised second Email that is extracted the advertising message of mechanism'"'"'s extraction by described advertising message;

    And second e-mail transfer mechanism, described second Email is generated second E-mail conveyance that mechanism generates give the user terminal apparatus of determining the user that mechanism determines by described user.

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