The actuating method of clutch apparatus and the power drive system of motor vehicles

The actuating method of clutch apparatus and the power drive system of motor vehicles

  • CN 102,141,098 B
  • Filed: 01/12/2011
  • Issued: 12/14/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/13/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the cause of the clutch apparatus (22) of an automotive vehicle driveline (12)Dynamic method, described clutch apparatus (22) includes having the of public input element (32)One friction clutch (28) and the second friction clutch (30), described public input element(32) being connected to power unit (14), described first friction clutch (28) includesOne output element (34), described first output element (34) is connected to the first drive shaft,And described second friction clutch (30) includes the second output element (36), describedTwo output elements (36) are connected to the second drive shaft, and described first drive shaft and second drivesAxle is respectively connecting to the first driving wheel (24) and second driving wheel (26) of described vehicle (10),Wherein,When indicating not going the same way of described first driving wheel (24) and described second driving wheel (26)During face coefficient of friction (μ

  • -low, μ

    -height), described first friction clutch (28) and describedTwo friction clutches (30) activate as follows;

    make two driving wheels (24,26)Driving torque be limited to the driving torque with the driving wheel of relatively low-friction coefficient, described in driveDynamic torque can be transferred to road surface, it is characterised in thatOnly when the speed of described vehicle (10) exceedes threshold value, just perform when instruction differentiated frictionRestriction to described driving torque during coefficient, wherein when have different surface friction coefficient (μ

    -Low, μ

    -height) different μ

    road surface when starting running, the function of the differential mechanism locked completely is passed throughClose described first and second friction clutches (28,30) to obtain, and wherein said thresholdIt is worth in predetermined velocity interval according to predetermined characteristic curve ramp input or output, and because ofThis sets up difference function according to this predetermined characteristic curve in the velocity interval that this is predetermined.

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