Electric generator for bicycle

Electric generator for bicycle

  • CN 1,021,684 C
  • Filed: 05/06/1986
  • Issued: 07/21/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/06/1986
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of bicycle use be installed in generator on the wheelboss flange with one heart, comprising:

  • A rotor assembly, it comprises on the outer surface that (a) annular magnet assembly has one of wheelboss flange that a plurality of arc permanent magnets hang in order to a pair of spoke that is contained in rotationally on the axletree, this axletree at opposite two ends by a pair of front fork sheet fixed bearing of bicycle, (b) hub drum that a disc-shaped part is arranged, this disc-shaped part is fixed on the outer surface of one of a pair of wheelboss flange with one heart, with a rim portion, this rim portion is integrally formed on the outer peripheral edges of disc-shaped part, this disc-shaped part comprises that one makes this axle pass a through hole core rotationally, there is an inner peripheral surface in this rim portion, and this annular magnet assembly is installed on the inner peripheral surface of this rim portion;

    A stator module that comprises coil windings, and be used for this stator module is installed to securing member on the axle between a wheelboss flange and the front fork sheet, wheelboss flange and front fork sheet are fixed on this same end, it is characterized in that owing to rotor assembly rotates the induced voltage that produces around stator module so that obtain;

    This generator also comprises;

    a kind of bulging rotor assembly of hub that has, and this hub drum has a rim portion to add a stopper section, and an annular boss portion is arranged on the neighboring of a bulging center through hole of this hub;

    The middle body of wheelboss flange has bowl-shape part, the supporting of the ball bearing by placing this bowl-shape part can rotate around the axis wheelboss flange, form some through holes with appropriate intervals on the annular boss, the arrangement of through hole is identical with through hole on the corresponding wheelboss flange;

    Hold-down screw passes through hole the hub drum is fixed on the wheelboss flange, mid portion at the hub drum forms an annular stop part, stop portion to stretch out direction identical with the annular boss direction, this stopper section tightly embeds the annular gap that forms between the inner edge periphery of bowl-shape part of the outer perimeter of fixing axle bumper and wheelboss flange, and the hub drum is connected with wheelboss flange securely;

    The rim portion that its protrusion direction is opposite with the projected direction of this stopper section.

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