Preparation method of soft coating of hard alloy cutter

Preparation method of soft coating of hard alloy cutter

  • CN 102,181,849 A
  • Filed: 03/31/2011
  • Published: 09/14/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/31/2011
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the preparation method of an inserted tool soft coating may further comprise the steps:

  • (1) carbide tool surface pre-treatment;

    The processing of pending carbide tool surface being removed tool surface greasy dirt and oxide skin is placed on preheating under 30~

    50 ℃

    of conditions;

    (2) sol-gel method makes inserted tool obtain MoS 2Precoated layer;

    The aqueous citric acid solution of 0.5~

    2mol/L is stirred 20~

    60min under 60~

    90 ℃

    of water bath condition, in the thick solution that obtains, add MoS 2Powder also continues to stir, and obtains MoS 2Powder is uniformly distributed in colloid wherein;

    Above-mentioned colloid evenly is coated on the surface of described inserted tool, and back to be dried continues to apply, and is coated to described carbide tool surface so repeatedly and evenly covers till the layer of gel, and promptly described inserted tool obtains MoS 2Precoated layer;

    (3) heat tracing makes described inserted tool obtain MoS 2Soft coating;

    The surface is obtained MoS 2The described inserted tool of soft coating places drying baker, slowly is warming up to 40~

    80 ℃

    , and insulation 5~

    15h is with the described MoS of abundant evaporation 2Moisture in the precoated layer;

    Then, slowly be warming up to 120~

    180 ℃

    , be incubated 2~

    8h, make the MoS of tool surface 2Coating is stiff, strengthens the bonding strength of itself and tool surface;

    Described cutter is placed low temperature oven slowly to be warming up to 220~

    350 ℃

    at last, insulation 3~

    10h makes cutter obtain MoS again 2Soft coating;

    The heat-up rate of described slow intensification is 2~

    5 ℃


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