Multi-sensor montoring of athletic performance

Multi-sensor montoring of athletic performance

  • CN 102,198,319 B
  • Filed: 12/12/2005
  • Issued: 05/03/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/17/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of motor behavior monitoring system, including:

  • For receiving the device of the relevant input data of the route to be used with during motor activity, wherein the input dataAt least include the distance relevant with the route and route difficulty data;

    For receiving the device of the input data relevant with the object time of motor activity described in all or part or time goals;

    For calculating the device of multiple time targets, its be used for using the input data relevant with the route and with it is describedThe relevant input data of object time or time goals, calculates along the route or for the multiple of the part routeTime target, if so as to the plurality of time target is reached, user is up to the input object time of the motor activityOr time goals;

    For specifying the device of the route difficulty grade of route to be used during the motor activity, wherein described for referring toThe device of fixed line grade of difficulty be based at least partially on the data that are associated with the route and with it is one or more previouslyThe comparison of the data that during the motor behavior one or more routes adopted by athlete are associated, to the route specified circuitLine grade of difficulty;

    The device of the media-playback for media content is provided for athlete during the motor behavior, wherein first sensorAt least one of distance that movement velocity or athlete during being configured to the motor behavior is moved is proportionallyAdjust the media-playback speed of the media content reset;

    AndFor one or more predetermined actions for being performed according to athlete come for for providing the described device of media-playback contentThe device of operational control input is provided.

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