Be combined with the bearing apparatus for wheel of wheel speed detector

Be combined with the bearing apparatus for wheel of wheel speed detector

  • CN 102,202,912 B
  • Filed: 10/28/2009
  • Issued: 08/26/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/29/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. be combined with a bearing apparatus for wheel for wheel speed detector, described bearing apparatus for wheel comprises:

  • External member, described external member is integrally formed with the outer raceway face of biserial in inner circumferential;

    Inner member, described inner member comprises hub wheel and at least one inner ring, described hub wheel is integrally formed with wheel mounting flange at one end and has from the axially extended cylindrical portion of described wheel mounting flange, described inner ring is press fit in the described cylindrical portion of described hub wheel, and described hub wheel and described inner ring are formed with raceway face in the relative biserial of raceway face outer with described biserial on the outer periphery;

    Biserial rolling element, described biserial rolling element is contained between the described interior raceway face of described inner member and the described outer raceway face of described external member;

    Magnetic encoder, described magnetic encoder is arranged on described inner ring;

    AndAnnular opening, described annular opening is formed by described inner member and described external member, and is sealed by protective case and the sealing member be arranged on the external side end of described external member,The feature of described bearing apparatus for wheel is;

    The ca(u)lk portion that described inner ring is formed by making the end plastic deformation of the described cylindrical portion of described hub wheel is axially fixed on described hub wheel under predetermined bearing prepressing force power;

    Described protective case is formed as having the structure of plate-like substantially by compressing non magnetic austenite stainless steel plate, and described protective case comprises;

    be suitable for being assembled to the cylindrical fitting portion on described external member;

    The plate-like shielding portion extended radially inwardly from described department of assembly;

    Be formed in the recess close to described magnetic encoder in described shielding portion, described recess is for holding sensor, and described recess is formed to have arcuate formations;

    And bottom, extend with the medial extremity of closing described inner member from described shielding portion via a rake bottom this;

    And described protective case is oriented on the end face of described external member or the end difference that inner circumferential is formed,The front end being assembled to the described department of assembly of described external member of described protective case is attached with the first elastic component integratedly by sulfuration adhesion,Wherein, described protective case also comprises the through hole be formed in its shielding portion;

    the second elastic component for cutting out described through hole is attached to described through hole integratedly by sulfuration adhesion, and wherein said magnetic encoder and sensor are arranged to across described second elastic component toward each other.

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