Recovery and purification method and device for oil fume

Recovery and purification method and device for oil fume

  • CN 102,230,641 B
  • Filed: 04/19/2011
  • Issued: 02/04/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/19/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. an oil smoke reclaiming clean equipment, comprise the high direct voltage electric generator (2) be connected with AC power (1), by the discharge electrode (4) that high-voltage conducting wires (3) is connected with the output negative pole of high direct voltage electric generator (2), the oil smoke deposition anode (6) be connected with positive source, waste oil collecting container (10) and oil exit pipe (11), it is characterized in that:

  • described oil smoke deposition anode (6) encloses the conductive liquid stream of body and its surface band positive electricity by the rigidity of oil smoke process or liquid film forms, the lower limb that rigidity encloses body is connected with the fluid box (9) filling conducting liquid, fluid box (9) is connected by the output anode of wire (5) with high direct voltage electric generator (2), the tank wall of fluid box (9) at the waste oil layer collected to have fluid hole, this fluid hole is connected through the inlet of conduit (13) with pump (12), the liquid outlet of pump (12) connects liquid distributor (7), the rigidity that one end of liquid distributor (7) is horizontally placed on oil smoke deposition anode (6) encloses body upper edge, its tube wall bottom has the liquid distributing hole forming liquid stream or liquid film,Described discharge electrode (4) is wire, and tail end wiry connects a weight (8);

    It is the metal tube comprising metal circular tube and metal side tube that described rigidity encloses body, or comprises the non-metallic pipe of earthenware, glass tube or macromolecular material pipe;

    Described rigidity encloses body and is divided into vertical and horizontal two classes according to air current flow direction, the wallboard shape material surface that rigidity encloses body allows to be less than the inclination angle of 90 °

    , it is that the single rigidity forming single electric field encloses body that rigidity encloses body, or the series connection rigidity forming many electric fields encloses body or rigidity in parallel encloses body;

    Connection waste oil collecting container (10) above of described fluid box (9);

    Described conductive liquid or conducting liquid film are the water containing conduction solable matter;

    Or add the conducting liquid of emulsifying agent.

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