A kind of blog information identifies the method for crucial blog collection in propagating

A kind of blog information identifies the method for crucial blog collection in propagating

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  • Filed: 08/19/2011
  • Issued: 12/02/2015
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1. blog information identifies a method for crucial blog collection in propagating, and it is characterized in that comprising following steps:

  • 1) collect in units of blog and determine associating between bloger;

    Associate the linking relationship comprised in concern relation and blog between article;

    Collect and determine that the association process between blog is;

    first obtaining blog data from Blog Website, is each blog, i.e. bloger, giving unique identification ;

    Then obtain the buddy list of bloger or pay close attention to list;

    Buddy list determines friend relation two-way between bloger;

    Pay close attention to list and determine concern relation unidirectional between bloger;

    Friend relation can be expressed as two concern relations reverse each other;

    If bloger pay close attention to bloger , then concern relation mark is between the two ;

    Following acquisition blog ? the article in a few days pasted, to blog in each section of article if, link blog in article , then blog is thought with blog between there is linking relationship, be labeled as , wherein represent article paste the difference of date and current date;

    If blog repeatedly quote blog middle article, then for minimum value wherein;

    2) be that node builds blog network chart with blog, the limit of figure is the association between blog, the linking relationship between corresponding blog or the concern relation between bloger;

    3) according to the weight of the association in Information Propagation Model determination blog network chart between blog, the weight of directed edge in blog network chart is namely determined, point three kinds of situations;

    opposite side collection ein each directed edge , analyze corresponding incidence relation;


    Situation 1, incidence relation is linking relationship;

    , now adopt independent cascade model to be that weight is composed on limit, namely , the wherein initial value of linking relationship weight be set to 0.1, index parameters be set to 0.5;

    Situation 2, incidence relation is concern relation;

    , now adopt weighting cascade model to be that weight is composed on limit, namely , wherein gather bloger concern collection, refer to the scale of set;

    The maximal value of concern relation weight be set to 0.6;

    Situation 3, incidence relation be simultaneously linking relationship and pay close attention to relation, now select both determine that the maximal value of weight is as the weight on this limit, namely

    4) each blog is calculated to the expectation value of other blog information propagation effect power based on blog network chart and arranging of associated weights;

    5) according to the expectation value of Information Communication influence power between blog, the key node set that in blog network chart, Information Communication influence power is maximum is identified, i.e. crucial blog collection.

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