Continuous processing technology for synthesis of oxamide

Continuous processing technology for synthesis of oxamide

  • CN 102,267,921 A
  • Filed: 05/26/2011
  • Published: 12/07/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/26/2011
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1. synthetic oxamide continuous processing, it is characterized in that:

  • this continuous processing comprises the steps;

    (1) adopts coal or Sweet natural gas to make synthetic gas CO+H2,, the CO in the synthetic gas is separated with H2 through transformation adsorption separation technology or cold separation technology or membrane separation technique;

    Separating the hydrogen that obtains H2 〉

    =99.0V% is used for as the needed hydrogen of ammonia synthesis reaction;

    The CO (carbon monoxide converter) gas that separation obtains is used for the CO raw material as the CO synthesis of oxalic ester by gaseous catalysis;

    (2) adopt cold separation technology or transformation adsorption separation technology,, separate the nitrogen that obtains N2 〉

    =99.0V% and be directly used in as the needed nitrogen of ammonia synthesis reaction with airborne nitrogen and oxygen separation;

    The oxygen that separation obtains is directly used in as the CO synthesis of oxalic ester by gaseous catalysis and reacts needed oxygen;

    (3) step (1) is obtained H2 〉

    =99.0V% hydrogen and step (2) obtains N2 〉

    =99.0V% nitrogen, press N2;


    3 mixed, after adopting catalysis process the oxygen in the N2-H2 gas mixture and a small amount of CO purification, directly send the ammonia synthesis reaction tower to produce synthetic ammonia, the recycle and reuse of unreacted N2-H2 mixed gas;

    The ammonia that generates is used for generating oxamide with the reaction of step (4) synthetic barkite after condensation separation;

    (4) with the CO gas that obtains behind step (1) the synthetic gas separating hydrogen gas, after dehydrogenation, deoxygenation, the purification that dewaters, directly mix to send to and carry out the reaction of CO synthesis of oxalic ester by gaseous catalysis with nitrous acid ester gas, catalyzer adopts platinum group metal supported catalyst, the metal content of catalyzer is 0.01~

    5Wt% of vehicle weight, the temperature of reaction of synthesis of oxalate is 80~

    200 ℃

    , and reaction pressure is 0.01~

    0.5MPa, and reaction velocity is 1000~

    10000 hours -1Barkite-alcohol solution that reaction product obtains through barkite that refrigerated separation obtains with the barkite in the alcohols absorption reaction tail gas gives next step synthetic oxamide, the reaction end gas recycle and reuse together;

    (5) synthetic ammonia that step (3) is produced and step (4) synthetic barkite and barkite-alcohol solution of obtaining with the barkite in the alcohols absorption reaction tail gas mix, and send synthetic oxamide reactor reaction production oxamide.The concentration of barkite-alcohol solution is 1~

    98wt%, and temperature of reaction is 1~

    100 ℃

    , and reaction pressure P ≈


    1.0Mpa, used ammonia can be liquefied ammonia or gas ammonia, and the concentration of ammonia is 0.1~


    Reaction times is 1.0~

    15 hours, the alcohols recycle and reuse that reaction generates.

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