Method for roasting bauxite in variable cross section tunnel kiln

Method for roasting bauxite in variable cross section tunnel kiln

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  • Filed: 07/09/2011
  • Published: 12/14/2011
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1. the method for variable cross-section tunnel cave calcining alumine is characterized in that this method comprises following content:

  • With the alumine homogenization material is raw material, adopt the variable cross-section tunnel cave, variable cross-section tunnel cave burning zone kiln top is slope gradual change type or ladder gradual change type, the kiln top is taken salband direction step-down gradually to from preheating, the effective depth total variation of kiln is 20~

    40%, and processing step comprises preheating, calcining and cooling;


    evenly be laid on the alumine homogenization material on the kiln car, kiln car is pushed in the kiln from kiln hood, enter the preheating zone, the thermal source of preheating zone is the hot flue gas that generates from the fuel combustion that burning zone flows into, preheating zone alumine homogenization material preheating 8~

    16 hours, temperature is brought up to 1450~

    1750 ℃

    , homogenization material is carried out the temperature of preheating after heat flue gas and reduces to below 250 ℃



    kiln car enters burning zone after the preheating, utilization is arranged on the combustion apparatus of tunnel cave burning zone both sides to the alumine heating and calcining, the temperature of burning zone is controlled at 1450~

    1750 ℃

    , calcination time 1~

    5 hour, and the amount of contraction that alumine produces in calcination process is 20~



    kiln car continues to enter salband, and at salband, the cold air that blasts from the kiln tail cools off the material after calcining, and 8~

    16 hours cool times material is cooled to be lower than 100 ℃

    , at last kiln car is released tunnel cave, and material is naturally cooled to normal temperature.

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