Electro-hydraulic brake system and the method operating this electro-hydraulic brake system

Electro-hydraulic brake system and the method operating this electro-hydraulic brake system

  • CN 102,292,246 B
  • Filed: 12/16/2009
  • Issued: 08/10/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/23/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the method being used for operating with the electro-hydraulic brake system in vehicle, it is used for making vehicle deceleration, described vehicle can be braked by the generator operation mode of electric drive motor, described electro-hydraulic brake system has:

  • actuating unit, described actuating unit is controlled by brake pedal, and it being configured to the combination of hydraulic braking master cylinder and booster brake, this booster brake is connected to the upstream of this master cylinder and amplification power is additionally added in the actuating power introduced via brake pedal;

    Hydraulic braking pipeline, described hydraulic braking pipeline is connected on described actuating unit, and the brake of vehicle is connected on described hydraulic braking pipeline;

    Electronic control unit, described electronic control unit is provided between generator-type part or regenerative braking part and frictional damping part distributing braking action;

    And cylinder-piston arrangements, described cylinder-piston arrangements is connected on this actuating unit, described cylinder-piston arrangements is for occupying the pressure medium volume corresponding with generator-type part or regenerative braking part, wherein, described booster brake (6,11,15;

    20,15) it is constructed to be permeable to be started electrically by described electronic control unit (10), and, the effect of the pressure being electronically controlled by being provided by pressure source (2,11,20) produces described amplification power, wherein, described pressure source (2) is configured to electro-hydraulic activator (11), described cylinder-piston arrangements (8) is formed by the second electro-hydraulic activator (18), it is characterized in that, apply by described booster brake (11,15 according to the variable relevant with brakes;

    20,22,15) the amplification power produced, and, during pure regenerative braking and part be frictional damping and part be regenerative braking period, control the volume occupied by described cylinder-piston arrangements (8), in order to set up the brake pedal feature occurred in described pure regenerative braking by given amplification power.

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