Vehicle-mounted device control system

Vehicle-mounted device control system

  • CN 102,292,509 A
  • Filed: 01/22/2010
  • Published: 12/21/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/23/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. in-vehicle device control system comprises:

  • Portable set (200);

    AndVehicle-side unit (100), be assemblied in the vehicle, be used for based on the check operation of execution that intercom mutually about described portable set, in described intercommunication mutually, described portable set returns response signal in response to the request signal that sends from described vehicle-side unit, described vehicle-side unit (100) is used for controlling in-vehicle device based on the described checked result of checking operation, if and be used for described checked result show unsuccessful check then switch be used for the described communication frequency that intercoms mutually, thereby carry out the described operation of checking once more, whereinDescribed portable set (200) with the described intercommunication mutually of described in-vehicle device in receive the described request signal that sends from described vehicle-side unit,Described portable set (200) comprising;

    portable set Department of Communication Force (210,220), be used for by using communication frequency to return the described response signal that comprises the ID sign indicating number by described vehicle-side unit appointment,Described vehicle-side unit (100) comprising;

    frequency is provided with portion (111), be used for that a plurality of communication frequencys of priority orders are provided with and will be assigned to the described communication frequency of described portable set having separately, described priority orders is to be provided with corresponding to the possibility of successfully checkingDescribed vehicle-side unit (100) comprising;

    vehicle side Department of Communication Force (120,130), be used for by the described request signal is sent to described portable set and from described portable set receive described response signal carry out with described portable set described mutually the intercommunication, wherein, the described request signal comprises frequency information, described frequency information shows the communication frequency that is provided with by the described frequency portion of settingDescribed vehicle-side unit (100) comprising;

    checks portion (111), is used for carrying out the described operation of checking from the described ID sign indicating number of the described response signal of described portable set reception based on being included in described vehicle side Department of Communication Force, andCarrying out at interval with rule described when operation of checking, described frequency is provided with the communication frequency that portion (111) has the higher priority order and is set to check the communication frequency that regularly will be assigned to described portable set at each.

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