Four-stage health management method

Four-stage health management method

  • CN 102,314,543 A
  • Filed: 07/09/2010
  • Published: 01/11/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/09/2010
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1. stage health control method;

  • It is characterized in that;

    it comprises autonomous management stage, Fitness Testing stage, health promotion stage and healthy improvement stage;

    In this stage health control method of embodiment of the present invention, progressively carry out this autonomous management stage, this Fitness Testing stage, this health promotion stage in order and should health improve the stageIn the process of carrying out this autonomous management stage;

    At first;

    The health and fitness information that needs the specific human body of overall collection then, is set up the electronic health account of formation according to this health and fitness information of collecting;

    At least comprise nutritious food monitoring module and sport and body-building monitoring module in this electronization health accountThis nutritious food monitoring module and this sport and body-building monitoring module pass through the electronic health care watch-dog to be realized the motion of this specific human body, the real-time monitoring of nutrient health situation,The motion and the nutrient health index of this this specific human body of electronic health care watch-dog instantaneous acquiring, and this index transferred in this electronization health account,This Fitness Testing stage, this Fitness Testing stage comprises diseases predisposing gene detection, inferior health detection, body is right can detect and personalized health check-up in order to comprehensive health detection and health risk assessment to be provided,Health detection result according to this Fitness Testing stage;

    In conjunction with personal health questionnaire and other health and fitness informations;

    Thereby its heredity of multianalysis, diet nutritional, motion, life style etc. are to the influence of personal health condition;

    Making diseases genetic risk assessment, inferior health assessment, body fits and can assess and comprehensive statement-of-health and a complete set of healthy solution of personalizationAs stated accomplish should the autonomous management stage and this Fitness Testing enter into this health promotion stage and should the health improvement stage successively based on preceding two stage result after the stage,Wherein, this health promotion stage comprises the formulation of motion intervention scheme, the formulation of nutritional intervention scheme, the formulation of channels and network vessels regulation scheme and the formulation of natural Health preservation scheme,Mainly be that result to this autonomous management stage and this Fitness Testing stage formulates motion intervention scheme, nutritional intervention scheme, channels and network vessels regulation scheme and natural Health preservation scheme in this health promotion stage, reaching sanatory effect,This health improvement stage comprises that nutritive diet guiding, the sport and body-building to this specific human body instructs and the guidance of healthy Lifestyle, reaches through this stage the health of this specific human body is carried out improved effect.

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