Fluorescence increasing thin-layer identification method for fructus forsythiae

Fluorescence increasing thin-layer identification method for fructus forsythiae

  • CN 102,323,373 A
  • Filed: 11/02/2010
  • Published: 01/18/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/02/2010
  • Status: Active Application
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1. A capsule of weeping forsythia increase the fluorescence thin layer discrimination method, it is characterized in that this method comprises following steps:

  • A, get capsule of weeping forsythia medicinal material and capsule of weeping forsythia control medicinal material powder 0.4 gram respectively, add 5 milliliters of methyl alcohol, sonicated 10 minutes is got supernatant as need testing solution and reference substance solution;

    B, absorption need testing solution and each 4 microlitre of reference substance solution are put in same GF respectively 254On the thin layer plate, the cyclohexane-ethyl acetate-formic acid that with the volume ratio is 10;


    0.2 is that developping agent launches, and takes out, and dries;

    As fluorescence-enhancing agent, 105 ℃

    to be heated to spot colour developing clear with 10% ethanol solution of sulfuric acid in spray on c, the thin layer plate;

    D, put under the 365nm uviol lamp and inspect, capsule of weeping forsythia test sample chromatogram with the corresponding position of capsule of weeping forsythia reference substance chromatogram on show the fluorescence spot of same color.

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