Application of vacuum heat preserving method to freezer

Application of vacuum heat preserving method to freezer

  • CN 102,331,144 A
  • Filed: 09/07/2011
  • Published: 01/25/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/07/2011
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the application of vacuum heat-preserving method in refrigerator is to utilize the adiabatic physical property of vacuum, replaces traditional insulation material insulation, the method that is adopted.The method that the vacuum heat-preserving method is used in refrigerator;

  • Its step comprises that A improves the structure of casing;

    be processed into interlayer to casing, in interlayer, put into reinforcing mat, Sealed sandwich;

    Again being evacuated in the interlayer;

    Make the casing of refrigerator, produced the condition that vacuum layer is set up, and can make vacuum layer that globality can be arranged.The processing method of B refrigeration plant and work system pipeline;

    1. refrigerator evaporator is installed in earlier on the install bin of preprocessing and together is installed in the vacuum layer from the opening part of door with install bin.2. dew eliminating tube;

    Be installed in the opening part of cabinet door to dew eliminating tube, utilize the limit flap of install bin dew eliminating tube, be fixed by bolts on the nut ear platform.3. system pipeline hides;

    The system pipeline of evaporimeter is guided compressor into from the system pipeline groove process that casing is reserved above.Guide compressor into from the system pipeline opening below.Be mounted case lid after the installation and the opening of system pipeline groove and system pipeline.The opening of C door;

    door also is to adopt the vacuum heat-preserving method, because of door gasket will be installed, and hinge waits five metals, in order not destroy vacuum layer, leaves 15 millimeters air layers on internal orifice four limits of door, is used to install Hardware fitting and gasket.

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