Massage appliance

Massage appliance

  • CN 102,341,083 B
  • Filed: 08/23/2010
  • Issued: 03/29/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/16/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of massage appliance, it is characterised in that the massage appliance includes:

  • Vertical massage mechanism and horizontal massage mechanism,The vertical massage mechanism has:

    A pair for the treatment of parts, with can be embedded positioned at calf between knee and ankle the state left it is arranged opposite;

    Clamping device, makes at least one direction of above-mentioned a pair of treatments part be embedded into a pair for the treatment of parts body each otherThe width movement of body, so as to clamping and pressing body;

    Travel mechanism, while continuing the clamp position using above-mentioned gripper mechanism grips treatment part, makes above-mentioned treatmentPart is moved back and forth along the longitudinally of calf,The horizontal massage mechanism has:

    The treatment part of horizontal pressure, with the foot than ankle on the lower can be embedded the state left it is arranged opposite,Massage mechanism, gives the massage action to foot to the treatment part of above-mentioned horizontal pressure,Sufficient supporting member, is arranged on the treatment part of above-mentioned horizontal pressure each other and supports the bottom surface of foot, and be formed withThe jut massaged by the bottom surface of above-mentioned foot,Above-mentioned horizontal massage mechanism is configured to, using the positive and negative rotation of being capable of by the travel mechanism for being provided to vertical massage mechanismThe driving source that motor is constituted, makes above-mentioned vertical massage mechanism and the synchronously action of horizontal massage mechanism,Above-mentioned a pair of treatments part has the size of fist shape,The vertical massage mechanism is constituted as follows:

    In the motor action as driving source, by passing via reduction gear sectionThe power passed, the pair for the treatment of part along calf upward or lower section movement,In the horizontal massage mechanism, in the motor action as driving source, rotary shaft is revolved via the gear-box of massage mechanismTurn, carry out with the rotation by the rotary shaft repeatedly make mutual front side deviate from and make mutual rear side be close to, andAnd make mutual front side be close to and make action that mutual rear side deviates from so as to massage from the left and right sides to foot on the contraryThe treatment part of the described horizontal pressure of the tabular of massage.

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