Liquid supplying apparatus and liquid injection system

Liquid supplying apparatus and liquid injection system

  • CN 102,381,044 B
  • Filed: 09/01/2011
  • Issued: 05/25/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/03/2010
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a liquid supplying apparatus, for supplying liquid, described liquid to described liquid injection apparatusFeeding mechanism comprises:

  • Liquid containing chamber, described liquid containing chamber is for receiving fluids;

    Pipe, described pipe is for carry the indoor liquid of described liquid containing to liquid injection apparatusPipe, and at least a portion of described pipe comprises and can become flat elastic portion by there is strainPoint;

    The first and second parts, described the first and second parts are to clip the described elastic part of described pipeMode configure;

    Described first component can be configured in the first relative position and second-phase contraposition is set up,Be set up in described first-phase contraposition, described in having between described first component and described second componentLiquid can be at the interval of the internal circulation of described elastic part;

    Be set up institute in described second-phase contrapositionState first component than the more close described second component of described the first relative position, described first and second portionPart is clamped described elastic part and is squeezed flat described elastic part, thereby described liquid can not be in described elasticityThe internal circulation of part,Described liquid supplying apparatus also comprises operating portion, and described operating portion is to reveal to described liquid supply dressThe outside operating portion of putting, described operating portion is for being optionally at least configured in described first componentDescribed the first relative position and described the second relative position,The described liquid supplying apparatus of described operating portion in the time that liquid is supplied to described liquid injection apparatusPosture under, be arranged on described liquid injection apparatus send sprayed described liquid object oneThe side that side is consistent,Described liquid supplying apparatus also comprises;

    Determine the cam of described first component with respect to the relative position of described second component,Described cam makes described first component be configured in described the first relative position at the first position of rotation,Described cam makes described first component be configured in described the second relative position at the second position of rotation,Described operating portion and described cam can be delivered to institute with rotatablely moving that described operating portion is carried outThe mode of stating cam connects,The shell of described liquid supplying apparatus comprises in a side that is provided with described operating portion;

    Plane Part I;

    AndIn the direction vertical with described Part I, be arranged on more close described more protruding than described Part IThe Part II of the position of wheel,Described operating portion is connected with described cam via the hole being arranged in described Part II,Described operating portion in the direction vertical with described Part I in more leaning on than described Part IThe position of nearly described cam.

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