facility monitoring method

facility monitoring method

  • CN 102,419,591 B
  • Filed: 03/17/2006
  • Issued: 01/20/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/22/2005
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1. a method for monitoring facility performance, this facility has at least one equipment, this at least one equipment production at least one product consume at least one article at least one unit operations, and described method comprises:

  • Periodically monitor and comprise the utilization rate of these at least one article, the throughput rate of this at least one product and the currency of the unit cost of production, the unit cost of production is by calculating to the throughput rate of major general'"'"'s value at cost relevant with the utilization rate of at least one in these at least one article divided by this at least one product;

    Calculate and store utilization rate and the moving average of the described unit cost of production during predetermined time interval of these at least one article;

    For each moving average, determine the reference value relevant to the quiet rum of this facility;

    The periodically calculated performance factor is carried out by means of using the mathematical function of moving average and reference value, described performance factor comprises the commodity performance factor relevant to the use of described at least one article and the production efficiency performance factor relevant with the unit cost of production, described mathematical function so defines;

    along with the increase of the use of described at least one article, commodity performance factor and production efficiency performance factor reduce, and along with Product recycling increases, production efficiency performance factor increases;

    By at least contributing the approximate performance factor being weighted to generate weighting pro rata to performance factor with each performance factor to the production cost of this at least one product, then the performance factor of weighting being added, calculating the overall performance factor;

    AndTo monitoring that the user of this facility performance shows the overall performance factor, and when the described overall performance factor does not meet its reference value, generate the corrective action of alarm and suggestion.

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