A kind of dosage for injectable powder and dispensation apparatus thereof

A kind of dosage for injectable powder and dispensation apparatus thereof

  • CN 102,430,164 B
  • Filed: 08/12/2011
  • Issued: 12/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/06/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the dosage for injectable powder, it is characterized in that:

  • form airtight circulation canal by displacement rod (1), elastic hose (2), medicine bottle (b) and liquid bottles (B), there is provided peristaltic forces by driving device (11), form dispenser by displacement rod (1) and elastic hose (2);

    Described displacement rod (1) two ends are sharp-pointed, one end is for inserting liquid bottles (B) end, be provided with sucker (3) and portal (8), the other end is for inserting medicine bottle (b) end, be provided with import (6) and outlet (7), the first connection that the waist of displacement rod (1) establishes two to protrude and the second connection (4,5), the two ends of elastic hose (2) are connected with the first connection and the second connection (4,5) respectively;

    Described first connection (4) is through with the sucker (3) of displacement rod (1) one end, second connection (5) is then through with the import (6) of displacement rod (1) other end, first passage (9) is connected and composed through elastic hose (2), elastic hose (2) in first passage (9) is suitable with driving device (11) draw-in groove, and portal (8) of displacement rod (1) one end are directly formed through second channel (10) with the outlet (7) of the other end;

    When making up a prescription, the two ends of displacement rod (1) are inserted in corresponding liquid bottles (B) and medicine bottle (b), liquid bottles (B) bottleneck is inverted down, make displacement rod (1) one end sucker (3) visit and liquid in, when from liquid bottles (B) to medicine bottle (b) direction wriggling elastic hose (2), liquid in liquid bottles (B) is through sucker (3), first connection (4), elastic hose (2), second connection (5) and entrance (6) form first passage (9) and inject medicine bottle (b) in large quantities, the second channel (10) formed through displacement rod (1) upper outlet (7) and portal (8) again returns in liquid bottles (B), now when retaining former connection status and being constant, exchange the position of liquid bottles (B) and medicine bottle (b), liquid bottles (B) bottleneck is upwards just put, now the former sucker (3) of being inverted in liquid bottles (B) interior liquid that is immersed in will to be exposed in bottle in air, continue wriggling elastic hose (2), from sucker (3) through first passage (9) inject medicine bottle (b) will be air in liquid bottles (B), residual liquor in air exclusion medicine bottle (b) is back in liquid bottles (B) from outlet (7) through second channel (10), complete whole process of making up a prescription,Driving device (11) wriggling elastic hose (2) described in utilization produces suction force in circulation canal, and the liquid in pumping liquid bottle (B) enters into medicine bottle (b) and dissolves medicated powder, and medicated powder lysate is recycled in liquid bottles (B) again;

    Withdrawing air enters into medicine bottle (b), is squeezed to greatest extent in liquid bottles (B) by medicated powder lysate residual in medicine bottle (b) and circulation canal, completes the process of making up a prescription transferred to fully by the medicated powder in medicine bottle (b) in liquid bottles (B).

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