For improving the fabric new cabinet device again of bending rigidity

For improving the fabric new cabinet device again of bending rigidity

  • CN 102,449,223 B
  • Filed: 06/01/2010
  • Issued: 05/11/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/01/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the multiple new cabinet of application is processed a method for fabric, and described multiple new cabinet comprises:

  • A. comprise the shell (100) of opening, wherein said shell comprises pair of sidewalls and is positioned at instituteState the liquid distributor on sidewall;

    WithB. be suitable for coordinating the drawer of extracting out (200) of described opening, the described drawer of extracting out(200) comprising;

    the drawer face (210) that comprises outer surface (212);

    For drapery orThe supporting member (230) of the fabric of hanging on fabric hanging member, described fabric hangingMember is suspension bracket, and wherein said drawer face (210) and described supporting member (230) form suitableIn the receiving region of supports fabrics operationally;

    Be included in adding in described shell (100)Thermal element (300);

    Guide air by the air stream in described receiving region with being oriented toMoving path (400),C. wherein inlet air flow path (400) is advanced by aerating system, and described system comprises air inletMouth (410) and gas outlet (420);

    Wherein air inlet (410) is positioned in gas outlet (420)Below, like this without the need for active air-flow in the situation that by described receiving regionThe free convection that adds hot-air of top and motion can be by surrounding air inspiration shells(100) in;

    D.61cm to the device degree of depth of 152cm, the wherein said device degree of depth is by extracting outThe drawer total depth of measuring described device when in the close position in the enclosure countCalculate;

    E. be less than the maximum lateral width of the device of 71cm, it determines in front view;

    F. be less than 2 width ratio, the maximum lateral width that wherein said width ratio is deviceRatio with the maximum lateral width of the drawer face of the drawer that can extract out;

    The occupied area aspect ratio of g.1 to 30, described occupied area aspect ratio is described deviceThe ratio of the maximum lateral width of maximum transversal length and described device;

    Described receiving region and the described liquid distributor interval of h. wherein placing described fabric are less thanThe lateral separation of 30cm, its central axis by described device (14) is definite, and whereinDescribed liquid distributor can distribute useful combination with the total spray time that is less than 200 secondsThing;

    Wherein said method comprises the following steps;

    fabric is put into the receiving of described multiple new cabinetIn region, fabric treatment composition is deposited at least a portion of described fabric, startsHeating element heater, and ventilate to described multiple new cabinet,Wherein answered after new cabinet processing the fabric basis in described multiple new cabinet by describedAATCC method of testing 124-2006 has at least 0.5 to 3 fold and improves grade.

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