Dispensing closure

Dispensing closure

  • CN 102,459,011 B
  • Filed: 06/11/2010
  • Issued: 05/10/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/11/2009
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1. a kind of capping, including:

  • Body, the body has the outer skirt for being configured to be fitted together with container, the plate that extends radially inwardly from the skirt section,And from the plate along the spout of the direction extension contrary with the skirt section, the spout surround the middle body of the plate,The middle body of wherein described plate limits at least the first hole, and first hole has and is substantially flush with the front portion of the spoutLeading edge and be radially spaced with the rear portion of the spout plate middle body a part trailing edge, wherein the spoutAnterior at least a portion is inclined relative to the vertical line of the plate, wherein the front portion of the spout is arc and with the first halfFootpath, the rear portion of the spout is arc and has second radius less than first radius;

    AndThe lid that can be moved between closed position and open position, wherein the lid includes the inner surface from the lidThe projection of extension, the projection is sized to receive when the lid is in the closed position in the spout, itsDescribed in projection include forming the radially-outer surface of fluid-tight with the inner radial surface of the spout, and the spout is interiorSurface also includes being configured to limit at least one between the projection and the spout when the lid is in the closed positionThe groove of passage;

    The middle body of wherein described plate also defines second hole at the rear portion of the close spout and Jie Jin second holeAnd away from the 3rd hole in first hole,Wherein, first hole is dispensing orifice, and second hole and the 3rd hole are passage, to pass through dispensing orifice in fluidThe air outside container is allowed to enter in container when distributing to outside container,The leading edge of wherein described dispensing orifice forms the circular arc with central point, and the outer rim of the dispensing orifice is formed with center of arc pointDispensing orifice angle, and described second and the 3rd hole rotation outer most edge and center of arc'"'"'s point formed passage angle, pointDistribution angle is 0.8 to 1.5 with the ratio of passage angle;

    Wherein, first hole, second hole and the 3rd hole are coplanar.

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