A medical device of polyolefin

A medical device of polyolefin

  • CN 102,470,192 A
  • Filed: 07/28/2010
  • Published: 05/23/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/31/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. method that is used to prepare the medical treatment device element said method comprising the steps of:

  • (i) the one or more layer of a kind of prefabricated profiled article and/or a kind of thermoplastic matrix polymer is provided;

    A kind of coating composition (ii) is provided, and this coating composition comprises(a) as one or more hydrophilic polymers of only one or more polymers compositionss, and(b) one or more low-molecular-weight supports, this or these low-molecular-weight supports have covalently bound on it and/or be covalently bound to multiple light trigger part wherein,Wherein these light triggers part constituted by weight one or more hydrophilic polymers and one or more low-molecular-weight supports binding capacity 0.01% to 20%;

    (iii) with step coating composition (ii) extrude, injection molding or powder coated be on the prefabricated profiled article and/or this thermoplastic matrix polymer of step (i);

    Thereby the element of the medical treatment device with said prefabricated profiled article and/or said matrix polymer is provided;

    A layer that has said coating composition on said prefabricated profiled article and/or the said matrix polymer;

    Wherein, When said pre-formed article and said matrix polymer both existed, said prefabricated profiled article had a layer of said matrix polymer above that;

    Thereby (iv) with UV or the said coating composition of this coating composition covalent cross-linking of radiation of visible light;

    Wherein the prefabricated profiled article of step (i) and/or one or more thermoplastic matrix polymer comprise a kind of polymer that is selected from down group;

    Ethylene (methyl) acrylic copolymerEthylene-(methyl) acrylic acid-acrylic ester-terpolymerEthylene (methyl) acrylic acid ionomer.

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