Method for recovering NdFeB waste material by cold crucible induction smelting technology

Method for recovering NdFeB waste material by cold crucible induction smelting technology

  • CN 102,492,848 B
  • Filed: 12/22/2011
  • Issued: 10/08/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/22/2011
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1. a method that reclaims NdFeB waste material by Cold crucible induction melting technology, is characterized in that, it comprises the steps:

  • Step 1;

    pretreatment procedure;

    first with manually obvious foreign matter in NdFeB waste material being sorted out, clean again the greasy dirt of scraped surface with kerosene, then waste material is broken into the particle that granularity is less than 3mm, in magnetic separator, selects the foreign material of nonferromagnetic, finally by the drying materials through magnetic separation;

    Step 2;

    thick purification process;

    heat NdFeB waste material in cold crucible vacuum induction melting equipment, after fusing, adding the high-power feed liquid that makes seethes, remove volatile impurity, then reducing power makes impurity slag float to the surface of feed liquid, remove the pipe close of upflow tube, make the surface current of feed liquid go out water jacketed copper crucible, enter in the waste liquid tank of water jacketed copper crucible side, then pull the pull bar of water jacketed copper crucible below downwards, make to be connected in crucible plug on pull bar to the bottom that drops to mould, make to inject mould through the feed liquid of thick purification;

    Step 3;

    smart purification process;

    utilize cold crucible apparatus for directional solidification, make to melt in the water jacketed copper crucible of tubulose through the material of thick purification, at the bottom of then utilizing the pull bar of water-cooled to pull down the crucible of water-cooled, make feed liquid shift out high-temperature zone downwards and solidify;

    In feed liquid process of setting, be originally dissolved in partition ratio in metal be less than 1 impurity atoms just from the exclusion of coagulation phase to feed liquid, coagulation phase has just obtained purification;

    Continue to add thick purification material to water jacketed copper crucible along with continuing at the bottom of crucible to move down with feeder, the quantity of the charge bar of smart purification after coagulation constantly increases.

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