Medical treatment equipment for treating blood-induced diseases

Medical treatment equipment for treating blood-induced diseases

  • CN 102,500,006 A
  • Filed: 11/22/2011
  • Published: 06/20/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/22/2011
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1. therapeutic equipment of treating the blood associated diseases comprises:

  • First detection system that blood denseness, the temperature of the outer blood of lead body detected;

    Be used for killing the blood antibacterial that detected through first detection system, the HINS disinfection system of virus;

    Said HINS disinfection system comprises 253.7nm light quantity wavelet transmission source, and blood flow is processed by seeing through ultraviolet quartz glass, lucite or polrvinyl chloride through the pipeline of said HINS disinfection system;

    The ultrasonic degradation system;

    Said ultrasonic degradation system is used in the space of sealing, blood being carried out ultrasonic Treatment, thereby in blood, produces cavitation, and moment produces huge impulse force;

    With the chemical chain that thrusts blood medium-high viscosity molecule and the gathering of group'"'"'s molecule, gas is overflowed from blood;

    Vacuum pumping system, said vacuum pumping system comprises vacuum pump, thereby said vacuum pump is used for making blood to produce negative pressure the harmful gas that is dissolved in blood is overflowed, to reduce harmful gas alluvial in vivo;

    Magnetization energization system;

    Said magnetization energization system comprises a magnetic field;

    Thereby said magnetization energization system is used to let blood vertically form magnetization blood through said magnetic field, with the permeability that improves blood, the oxygen carrying capacity that strengthens blood, and removes the harmful oxygen-derived free radicals in the blood;

    Nitric oxide input system, said nitric oxide input system be at blood after above processing, replenish oxygen and the nitric oxide lose, make blood carry oxygen and the nitric oxide that fully replenishes;

    The cancer system is killed in temperature control;

    Said temperature control is killed the cancer system and is comprised thermostatic water tank and the logical closed blood grass tube of blood supply liquid stream;

    Said temperature control is killed the cancer system and is used for said closed blood grass tube is placed said thermostatic water tank, thereby makes cancer patient'"'"'s blood keep whole continuous high temperature more than 120 hours, with kill cancer cell;

    Water temperature in the said thermostatic water tank is at 32-45 ℃

    , andSecond detection system, said second detection system are used for each item index that feeds back blood is detected, and after comparing with first data that detect, to confirm therapeutic effect.

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