Cell growth hormone and prepn. thereof

Cell growth hormone and prepn. thereof

  • CN 1,025,118 C
  • Filed: 01/28/1989
  • Issued: 06/22/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/28/1989
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1. , a kind of manufacture method of cell growth stimulant, it comprises the preparation and six procedures such as processing, inoculation, bacterium colony cultivation, soup extraction, sterilization and packing of substratum, it is characterized in that:

  • this cell growth stimulant is the extracting solution of a kind of Xie Shi streptococcus aureus (Staphy Lococcus aureug Xie) meta-bolites, be major ingredient and include protein, polypeptide and multiple amino acids such as 2,5-diaminovaleric acid, Gelucystine that with aseptic plasma-coagulase it is as follows that it produces process;

    A) adopt the Xie Shi streptococcus aureus to make bacterial classification, this bacterial classification has sent China Committee for Culture Collection of Microorganisms'"'"'s common micro-organisms center preservation, preserving number CGMCC No.0138;

    B) substratum is made raw material with pig myocardium, peptone, sodium-chlor and water, and the proportioning of former three is calculated as with 10,000 milliliters of substratum;

    pig myocardium 5000 grams, and peptone 100, sodium-chlor 50 grams, water adds to 10,000 milliliters;

    C) preparation of substratum and processing comprise boil, remove slag, filtration and four steps of autoclaving, the medium pH value is 7.5;

    D) raise craft condition of Xie Shi streptococcus aureus is that adding concentration is 2 * 10 in per 500 milliliters of substratum 91.0 milliliters of the bacterium liquid of/milliliter.Cultivated 48 hours down at 37 ℃


    E) soup extracts by multiple tracks filtration and two steps of degerming and forms, and preserves down at 4~

    10 ℃


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