Protecting and artificial feeding method for wild dendrobium candidum stock seeds

Protecting and artificial feeding method for wild dendrobium candidum stock seeds

  • CN 102,550,380 B
  • Filed: 01/18/2012
  • Issued: 01/14/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/14/2011
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1. the protection of dendrobium officinale original seed and an artificial culturing method, is characterized in that comprising following steps:

  • (1) booth is built in whole seedbed;

    level land, and covers film, goes up the matrix of having fermented, and is made into the seedbed of the wide 1.2 ~ 1.5m of furrow, high 10 ~ 15cm, for subsequent use;

    Build the plastic tunnel of high more than 2m, ceiling covers 70% shade net sheltering from heat or light rate;

    Described matrix is that wood chip and broken bark mix, fragmentation, with the potassium permanganate solution spray disinfectant of 0.3-1%, sprays and stirs, stack, cover film 7 ~ 10 days with the former dew of EM bacterium 120 times of aqueous solution;

    (2) cultivation management of wild[l;

    plant dendrobium candidum wild[l in medium of seedling bed, density 100 Zhu/㎡

    , carries out normal water and fertilizer management and the extermination of disease and insect pest;

    (3) urge to yield positive results;

    adopt artificial pollination to improve flower fruit-setting rate;

    Described artificial pollination is the lycopod spore that the pollen gathered adds 4 ~ 6 times of pollen amounts, sprays pistil with duster;

    (4) tissue culture;

    ripe fruit, through sterilization, MS medium and hormone induction, carries out tissue culture after bulb starts differentiation;

    (5) training tissue culture seedling;

    candidum tissue culturing bottle seedling uncap exercise, rinse well with water, dry;

    (6) cultivation management of plantlet in vitro;

    soak 10 ~ 15 minutes with 50% carbendazim sterilization, ABT root-inducing powder, plant in medium of seedling bed;

    Temperature controls at 24 ~ 26 DEG C, and transplant air humidity in 7 days and keep 85 ~ 93%, after this, air humidity keeps 70 ~ 80%, the foliage spray 1/2MS aqueous solution, seedbed alternation of wetting and drying;

    With short root strengthening agent aqueous solution spraying after three weeks;

    After new root young sprout starts growth, seedling proceeds to normal management;

    (7) seedling;

    part can pluck processing, other plant repeats step (3) ~ (6).

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