Method and apparatus for power drive

Method and apparatus for power drive

  • CN 102,577,065 B
  • Filed: 09/17/2010
  • Issued: 03/06/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/07/2009
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1. a kind of power circuit, including:

  • Voltage feedback module, it is configured to by carrying out partial pressure to the electric energy for driving load delivered constantly to generateFirst feedback signal;

    Current feedback module, it is configured to the electric current based on the electric energy delivered and generates the second feedback signal, the current feedbackModule includes resistor and is coupled to the wave filter of the resistor, and the wave filter is arranged to reduce second feedbackThe high fdrequency component of signal;

    Assembled unit, it is configured as combining first feedback signal and second feedback signal, and generates feedback signal;

    AndController, it is configured as receiving the feedback signal from the assembled unit, and is turned based on feedback signal controlParallel operation receives and delivered the electric energy;

    Wherein described current feedback module also includes Zoom module, and the Zoom module is configured as scaling on the resistorVoltage drop, the Zoom module includes operational amplifier and two resistors being coupled, the operation amplifier utensilThere are two inputs and an output, an input in described two inputs couples with the wave filter, in described two inputsAnother input coupled with described two resistors, one output and one of described two resistors and described combine singlyOne input coupling of member, and the ratio of the scaling is determined by the ratio of described two resistors;

    Wherein described power circuit is operated with different conditions, and the different conditions comprise at least i) no-load condition, ii) electricityFlow increasing state, iii) heat increasing state, and iv) stable state;

    Wherein start to lead in the electric current increasing state, loadGalvanization, the power circuit generate the pulse for controlling the converter based on first feedback signal.

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