High-capacity composite solidification method for high-level aftertreatment oxide

High-capacity composite solidification method for high-level aftertreatment oxide

  • CN 102,592,694 A
  • Filed: 03/15/2012
  • Published: 07/18/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/15/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind high high capacity composite curing method of putting the aftertreatment oxide in turn includes the following steps:

  • A, utilize composition and the content that characterized by techniques means such as XRF are put the aftertreatment oxide to height to carry out test analysis;

    B, compound design;

    Gd 2(CO 3) 3Or Gd 2O 3With Zr (CO 3) 2Or ZrO 2Mol ratio be 0.5;




    The mixing of C, raw material, micronization processes;

    , be corundum ball or the zirconia balls of 4 mm with the high diameter of putting adding respective quality in the aftertreatment oxide at the firming body raw material according to the raw material and the abrading-ball ratio of 1;

    2 ~ 2.5;

    And in ball grinder, utilize the bowl mill dry grinding;

    Milling time is 15~

    25 hrs;

    The moulding of D, raw material;

    under the pressure of 8 ~ 15 MPa, with the material pre-molding that mixes, micronization processes is crossed;

    The pre-burning of E, firming body;

    under 1250 ~ 1500 ℃

    of conditions, take out when the sample of compression moulding is naturally cooled to room temperature ~ 300 ℃

    behind sintering 60 ~ 80 hrs in high temperature furnace;

    The vitrifacation of F, firming body is handled;

    under 1550 ~ 1580 ℃

    of conditions;

    Firming body sample sintering 15 ~ 60 min in microwave agglomerating furnace of pre-burning are carried out the vitrifacation processing;

    Directly close microwave source after insulation finishes sample is carried out the chilling processing, be cooled to room temperature ~ 300 a ℃

    taking-up and obtain the composite curing body.

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