A kind of method adding real world object in online game image

A kind of method adding real world object in online game image

  • CN 102,614,665 B
  • Filed: 04/16/2012
  • Issued: 11/16/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/16/2012
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1. the method adding real world object in online game image, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • In step one, the online game image shown in online game program at predetermined intervals, intercept a series ofImage frame;

    Step 2, arranging multiple sensor, the plurality of sensor includes sound sensor, temperature-sensitive sticker, pressure sensorWith shape sensor;

    Step 3, according to predetermined rule, real world object is decomposed, real world object is decomposed into some, in each portionMark different from each other is set on Fen;

    Step 4, arranging multiple picture pick-up device, real world object is imaged by it from multiple angles, and in each picture pick-up devicePicture image splices so that real world object forms 360 degree of omnidirectional images;

    Step 5, guiding real world object are placed in certain position, to be sensed by all the plurality of sensors, and will senseThe result surveyed is automatically converted to code, is incorporated in online game program by described code;

    Step 6, according to the mark described in step 3, the omnidirectional images obtained in step 4 is incorporated into online game journeyIn sequence, and mate in each in a series of images picture intercepted in described step one, determine described mark and imageThe mapping relations of characteristics of image in picture;

    Step 7, in described omnidirectional images, determine the real object image spatial feature at described mark, check each realSubject image architectural feature is the most correct with mating of each in image frame, if correct, performs step 8, if the most justTrue then return to step 6;

    Step 8, produce when making the code being incorporated in described step 5 in online game program by example in online game programRaw virtual world object, matches the virtual world object generated with mating correct omnidirectional images in step 7;

    Wherein, in described step 3, described mark is arranged in a mould, and described real world object is placed in this mould, thusDifferent parts at real world object has disposed different marks, described real world object to be hands, and described mould has the shape of glove,The plurality of sensor is arranged in described mould.

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