Method for preparing hydrogen by methanol-water reforming

Method for preparing hydrogen by methanol-water reforming

  • CN 102,627,259 A
  • Filed: 03/27/2012
  • Published: 08/08/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/27/2012
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1. the method for a hydrogen production from methanol-steam reforming is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • Step 1, preparation reforming gas;

    with after water mixes, preheating in the supercharging charging feed preheater is sent into the mixture after the preheating in the gasification suphtr and is heated, and carries out catalyzed reaction, the generation reforming gas in the mixture entering conversion reactor after the heating with methyl alcohol;

    Step 2, cooling and purification;

    reforming gas gets in the water wash column after being cooled to normal temperature, removes methyl alcohol wherein with de-salted water, is purified gas;

    The separation of step 3, purified gas and purification;

    purified gas at first gets in the pressure swing adsorption decarbonization device and sloughs carbonic acid gas;

    The foreign gas that contains carbonic acid gas is separated;

    Obtain first class purification gas simultaneously, again first class purification gas is sent into the absorption of one-level transformation and propose removal of impurities in the hydrogen production device, obtain the one-level high-purity hydrogen respectively and carry the hydrogenolysis gassing with the one-level that contains impurity;

    One-level is carried the hydrogenolysis gassing after supercharging, being cooled to room temperature;

    The absorption of entering secondary transformation is carried and is carried out the secondary removal of impurities in the hydrogen production device, obtains secondary high-purity hydrogen and secondary respectively and carries the hydrogenolysis gassing, secondary is carried the hydrogenolysis gassing reclaim;

    Simultaneously the secondary high-purity hydrogen is mixed output with the one-level high-purity hydrogen, obtain the finished product.

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