Aqueous emulsions of alkylalkoxysilanes

Aqueous emulsions of alkylalkoxysilanes

  • CN 102,652,120 A
  • Filed: 12/22/2010
  • Published: 08/29/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/22/2009
  • Status: Active Application
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1. water-based emulsion comprises:

  • A) the formula R of 1-85% by weight 1aSi (OR 2) 4-aAlkylalkoxy silane;

    B) the formula R of 0.1-10% by weight 3bR 4Si (OR 5) 3-bCationic organoalkoxysilane;

    C) by weight 0-20% comprise formula (R 2R 6SiO 1/2) v(R 2SiO 2/2) x(RSiO 3/2) yOrganopolysiloxane;


    R is the monovalence alkyl that comprises 1-20 carbon,R 1Be the alkyl that comprises 1-30 carbon atom, R 2And R 5Be independently selected from by hydrogen, the alkyl that comprises 1-4 carbon atom, CH 3C (O)-, CH 3CH 2C (O)-, HOCH 2CH 2-, CH 3OCH 2CH 2-and C 2H 5OCH 2CH 2The group of-composition, R 3Be the alkyl that comprises 1-4 carbon, R 4Be to have a substituent monovalence hydrocarbon of at least one quaternary ammonium group, R 6Be alkyl or the hydroxyl that comprises 1-4 carbon atom, A is 1 or 2, and b is 0,1 or 2,V >

    =0, x >

    =0, y >

    =0, condition is in the same form, v, x and y are not 0 entirely, and wherein;

    The weight ratio a/b of composition >

    =4,The weight of (a) and (b) and merging (c) is not more than 95% of said emulsion, and said emulsion does not contain any cosurfactant basically.

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