Steam pressing production process for alpha-hemihydrate gypsum

Steam pressing production process for alpha-hemihydrate gypsum

  • CN 102,659,331 A
  • Filed: 05/05/2012
  • Published: 09/12/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/05/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an alpha-semi water plaster stone steams and presses production technique, and it is characterized in that:

  • said process step is following;

    (1) the raw material dihydrate gypsum is packed in the production unit and airtight;

    (2) the indirect or direct heating to the dihydrate gypsum in the production unit;

    (3) under 0.3~

    0.4Mpa saturated vapour pressure, kept 4~

    5 hours, generate moist alpha-semi water plaster stone;

    (4) to the production unit heating simultaneously, open the exhaust valve of production unit, the band setting-out steam in the discharging production unit is closed exhaust valve after band setting-out steam drains;

    (5) continue the production unit heating is opened the extraction steam pipe valve, and started vacuum pump simultaneously, when constantly extracting in the production unit water vapor out, the vacuum tightness in the equipment is remained between 0.06Mpa~


    Alpha-semi water plaster stone complete drying in production unit;

    (6) stop heating, close vacuum pump, open the discharge device of production unit, obtain exsiccant alpha-semi water plaster stone finished product.

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