Telecommunications apparatus and method for communicating internet protocol packet data

Telecommunications apparatus and method for communicating internet protocol packet data

  • CN 102,685,803 A
  • Filed: 03/12/2004
  • Published: 09/19/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/17/2003
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1. one kind is used to provide the telecommunication system of communicating by letter with mobile communication subscriber equipment (350) with the facility that transmits internet packet data;

  • Internet packet data carries the Payload data that comprise the number of different types data, and this telecommunication system that comprises grouping wireless network comprises;

    Gateway support node (300) is used to provide the interface that is used for via grouping wireless network Data transmission grouping between subscriber equipment (350) and grouped data communication network (312);

    AndServing GPRS support node (306);

    Be used for utilizing radio network controller (312;

         314) Data transmission is divided into groups between gateway support node (300) and mobile subscriber equipment (350);

    This radio network controller (312,314) is used to provide the radio access bearer of communicating by letter and dividing into groups with Data transmission with subscriber equipment (350), and wherein one of gateway support node (300) and subscriber equipment (350) are used at leastAnalyze the Payload data in each packet, confirming the quantity of multiple different types of data, and the quantity of the data symbol in every kind of different types of data;

    Generation provides the radio access bearer stream designator of indication of quantity of dissimilar quantity and the symbol in every kind of different types of data of the data in the Payload;

    Through from the Payload data of internet data packet with the Internet Protocol head produces service data unit and with the transmission frame of this service data unit with incompatible each internet data packet of formation of son stream group of indicators, these Payload data comprise multiple different types of data;

    This transmission frame is used to via serving GPRS support node at gateway support node and radio network controller (312;

         314) transmit each internet data packet that comprises multiple different types of data between, and come between radio network controller and subscriber equipment, to transmit this internet data packet through following operation;

    Detect son stream designator, and according to son stream designatorArrangement is from the data of each different pieces of information field, to transmit via the different radio access carrier that the different service quality parameter that is suitable for different types of data is provided.

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