Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates

Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates

  • CN 102,689,482 A
  • Filed: 09/18/2007
  • Published: 09/26/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/20/2006
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a lamilated body comprises one or more layers elastomer layer and one or more layers cortex, and said elastomer comprises composition, and said composition comprises:

  • At least a ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers, wherein this ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers(a) have 1.7 to 3.5 Mw/Mn, at least one in degree centigrade fusing point Tm and in the density d of gram/cubic centimetre, wherein the numerical value of Tm and d meets following relational expression;


    -2002.9+4538.5 (d) –

    2422.2 (d) 2Perhaps (b) has 1.7 to 3.5 Mw/Mn;

    And the relational expression below the numerical value that it is characterized in that Δ

    T and Δ

    H satisfies;

    Wherein Δ

    H is the melting heat in J/g, Δ

    T be in degree centigrade temperature increment, this increment is defined as the highest DSC peak and the peak-to-peak temperature difference of the highest CRYSTAF;

    When Δ

    H greater than 0 and at the most during 130J/g, Δ


    0.1299 (Δ

    H)+62.81,As Δ

    H during, Δ

    T >

    =48 °

    C greater than 130J/g,Wherein said CRYSTAF peak is to utilize at least 5% accumulation polymer to confirm that if having discernible CRYSTAF peak less than 5% polymer, the CRYSTAF temperature is 30 °

    of C so;

    Perhaps(c) it is characterized in that being substantially free of crosslinked phase time when ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers;

    Relational expression below the numerical value of Re and d satisfies;

    Wherein Re is the elastic recovery rate percentage that under 300% strain and 1 cycle, records to the compression moulding film of ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers, and d is the density in gram/cubic centimetre;


    1481-1629 (d);

    Perhaps(d) when utilizing TREF to carry out fractionation;

    Molecule cut with wash-out between 40 °

    of C and 130 °

    of C;

    The mole co-monomer content height at least 5% that it is characterized in that mole co-monomer content ratio equal random ethylene interpretation cut of wash-out that this cut has in the uniform temp interval;

    Wherein this equal random ethylene interpretation has the comonomer identical with said ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers, and its melt index (MI), density and all drop in 10% the scope of said ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers based on the mole co-monomer content of whole polymer;

    Perhaps(e) have storage modulus G'"'"' (25 °

    of C) and the storage modulus G'"'"' when 100 °

    of C (100 °

    of C) when 25 °

    of C, wherein G'"'"' (25 °

    of C) is 1;

    1 to 9;

    1 with the ratio of G'"'"' (100 °

    of C);

    AndAt least a SBC, or its combination;

    The density of wherein said ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers is 0.85 to 0.878g/cc,Wherein said ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers has 0.5 and restrains/10 minutes to/10 minutes melt index (MI) of 20 grams, utilizes the load of 2.16kg when 190 °

    of C, to measure according to ASTM D1238,Wherein said elastomer can bear 300 ~ 1200% percentage elongation at the most when room temperature.

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