Vernier caliper vibration aging method

Vernier caliper vibration aging method

  • CN 102,703,680 A
  • Filed: 06/28/2012
  • Published: 10/03/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/28/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. vernier callipers oscillation time-effect method is characterized in that:

  • Use a kind of vernier callipers vibration ageing device;

    This vernier callipers vibration ageing device includes vibrator (1) and oscillation pickup (6);

    A platform (2) is arranged;

    On the table top of said platform (2), be provided with many T type grooves that laterally arrange, in the said T type of each bar groove, at least three T type bolts (4) be housed, the outer block pressur plate (3) that is coated with of each T type bolt (4);

    Said vibrator (1) is fixed on said platform (2) and is positioned on the table top of an end of said T type groove, and said oscillation pickup (6) is placed in said platform (2) and is positioned on the table top of the other end of said T type groove;

    Operation steps comprises;

    A. clamping;

    with many vernier callipers blades with a definite quantity with the superimposed blade group (5) that becomes of the thickness direction of vernier callipers blade;

    Go up on every T type groove of the platform (2) of said vibration ageing device and place two said blade groups (5);

    The head and the tail opposing parallel of these two blade groups (5) is arranged, and is pressed on the said platform (2) with the two ends and the middle part of three said pressing plates (3) with these two blade groups (5);

    B. with the table-surface level setting of said vernier callipers vibration ageing device, and pad dress thickness is the rubber pad of 70-90 millimeter between said platform (2) and platform upholder;

    The Young'"'"'s modulus of said rubber pad is 0.784MPa, and PR is 0.5;

    C. start said vibrator (1);

    Measure the frequency-vibration acceleration characteristic of the said vernier callipers vibration ageing device platform (2) that has clamped blade group (5);

    Find out the low-frequency resonance peak of vibration acceleration;

    With 2/3 numerical value of low-frequency resonance peak acceleration value as the oscillating aging acceleration stresses, to find out in the pairing frequency of oscillating aging acceleration value, that frequency that is lower than low-frequency resonance peak frequency is as the oscillating aging frequency;

    Said low-frequency resonance peak is meant in the corresponding curve with vibration acceleration of excited frequency, in a plurality of vibration acceleration crests that excited frequency occurs from low to high, is in that acceleration stresses crest of low-limit frequency;

    D. adjust said vibrator (1) and under said oscillating aging frequency, vibrate 13 minutes, accomplish oscillating aging the vernier callipers blade.

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