Method for road engineering by mixing plant asphalt and petroleum asphalt

Method for road engineering by mixing plant asphalt and petroleum asphalt

  • CN 102,718,439 B
  • Filed: 06/20/2012
  • Issued: 09/24/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/20/2012
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1. a method that is mixed for road engineering with plant asphalt and petroleum pitch, comprising:

  • (1) preparation of mix asphalt;

    after to be 1;

    8-12 mix plant asphalt and petroleum pitch according to mass ratio, stir 1-5 hour in 155~

    165 DEG C, obtain mix asphalt;

    Wherein, the preparation method of plant asphalt, comprising;

    In point gold-plating substrate, add and account for a point phthalic anhydride of gold-plating substrate weight 10-15%, then, in confined conditions in 190-210 DEG C of stirring, carry out esterification cyclization 3-4 hour;

    When the vapor pressure of water of deviating from when reaction no longer increases, stopped reaction, release, obtains environment-friendly waterproof plant asphalt;

    (2) gather materials and selection and the screening of mineral aggregate;

    When mineral aggregate screening, size of mesh is 0.075-37.5mm;

    (3) preparation of compound;

    be 4.5-5.5% by bitumen aggregate ratio, what the mix asphalt that step (1) is obtained obtained with step (2) gather materials and mineral aggregate mixes, prepares level of confidentiality formula bituminous concrete;

    In described mixing, mixing and stirring temperature is 160~

    170 DEG C, and the mixing time is 1-5 hour;

    (4) road pavement;

    by above-mentioned level of confidentiality formula asphalt concrete construction in road crust;

    In road pavement described in step (4), subcrust is taking petroleum pitch as raw material, and subcrust is Coarse Graded Bituminous Concrete, and middle level, road surface is middle grain formula bituminous concrete.

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